Friday, 16 November 2007

It’s late November
And bikes are on sale at Cycle Solutions (444 Parliament) They’ve got some beautiful bikes at great prices. This Specialized Globe Comp IG8 sells regularly for $879 and it’s available now for $749. Their 2007 Chariot Cougar (normally $499) is on sale at $399. All of their 2007 road bikes are on sale at 15% discounts.

Carl Orbach
Carl is a lawyer and a great friend of Cabbagetown. He’s been involved in the neighbourhood for over thirty years. His leadership and enthusiasm rescued the Festival parade last spring.
When he was away on a vacation earlier in the Fall, he was struck by a taxi and suffered a very bad break in his leg. After much trouble and pain, he’s back home again and recovering.
According to rumours, he’s bored stiff sitting at home. So we’re issuing this appeal – give him a call, send an email and perk him up.

Crime Reports
Petty crimes are making some Parliament Street businesses miserable. Here’s an update and a warning about the latest scams.
First – the courier scam. It has a simple scenario. A courier arrives with a parcel addressed to a neighbour who just happens to be away. The parcel is, of course, C.O.D. and the courier wants to leave the parcel with you. When your neighbour returns, it becomes clear that the delivery is a scam and the C.O.D. payment is a hoax.
Second – the restaurant “float”. This one involves a person who seems to know names, restaurant management details and lots of convincing details. In this scam, your restaurant gets a telephone call from a second restaurant nearby. It’s early in the day when everyone is getting ready to open. The caller on the telephone needs to borrow some cash from you because his manager hasn’t arrived at work yet and he needs a “float” to start the day. Of course, when the dust settles, your “loan” is long gone.
Third – shoplifting. This week, we’ve seen a pair of fine gentlemen doing their pre-Christmas shoplifting along Parliament Street. Watch out for a tall, slim, thirtyish black guy with dreadlocks who will distract the clerk near the door while his pal – a younger, smaller white guy in his 20s – helps himself to merchandise and drops it into a grocery bag. Both men are described as shabby and down on their luck.

Police contacts
If a crime or an emergency is still happening when you see it, call the 911 emergency police number.
If it’s over and you want to report it, call the non-emergency radio room number at 416-808-2222.
Try to be clear about as many details as possible.
Even if it’s long after the event, please call the police. When the police see a pattern happening, they can devote resources to it and they can alert the officers in cars and on bikes who patrol the area.

Frances – an update
Constable Paul Nadeau at 51 Division has been gathering community support for Frances. He’s talked to Anishnawbe who have been sending their workers around to talk to her as often as possible. He’s also informed the 51 Division Crisis Intervention Team who are on the lookout for her.
She must agree before any help can be given to her. So far, she’s refused.
If we want to help her, there are two simple steps that we can take. First, stop giving her money. She’s using it to pay for her drug habits. Second, keep asking her to get help. She understands what we’re saying to her and we have to press her to accept positive help from others.

Unistar moves
Unistar Computers have moved across the street to 517 Parliament. For years, they’ve been a fixture between the LCBO and St Jamestown Steak & Chops. Now, they’ve moved into larger quarters and created a beautiful store beside Jet Fuel and the 509 Dance Theatre. Drop in and congratulate them for a fine job.

Welcome improvements at Anniversary Park
The tiny parkette at Gerrard and Parliament is finally getting its first facelift in a while. It’s coming thanks to HGTV and Green Force, a program that features rescue efforts in neglected urban environments.
At Anniversary Park, they plan to upgrade the fountain, repair walls and sidewalks and improve the lighting. All of this will happen in early December. The Yonge Street Mission and the BIA are lending a hand. Next year, the City of Toronto will step into the action through the Clean and Beautiful City campaign.
Watch for details later in December.

Cabbagetown is rapidly becoming a destination for jazz fans.
Whitney Smith and Ailsa McCreary are appearing at Piccolo (226 Carlton) on Friday at 9 pm.
Stonegrill on Winchester (51B Winchester) has Sunday jazz at brunch.
At the Cobourg (533 Parliament), John Alcorn is again featured on Sunday at 9 pm. No cover.

615 Parliament Street
As we all know by now, a fire has helped to improve the landscape at the corner of Parliament and Wellesley. Here's a before-and-after set of photos to remind us all of that dramatic event.

Finally, it’s time to correct an oversight…
In last week’s Newsletter, we congratulated the Aberdeen Avenue residents for their clean-up efforts. We must also thank and congratulate three sponsors whose generous efforts made the project possible: Ontario Paint & Paper, Rick Hall Public Relations and Stoneybrook Custom Homes.