Friday, 27 November 2009

Win! Win! Win!
Our thank-you to our loyal readers.
Today’s Newsletter marks a nice milestone – our 100th edition.
To celebrate, we’ve put together our Reader Loyalty Reward contest.
The rules are simple. When you get our covering email about this week’s Newsletter, send a reply to our address at Say anything. Tell us you’re feeling lucky. Or greedy. Or whatever. The first eleven people who reply will win (we were going to do ten but we got a bonus prize from our generous merchants). We’ll be using the clock on our computer’s email list to see who answers first.
If you’re a winner, we’ll email you a Gift Certificate. Just take it into the store to redeem your prize.
Sharon's prize is a fabulous pair of knee socks!
Nish at Ambal Trading shows off their best bag of basmati rice - the one that you can win!

Here's the list of goodies:
4.5 kg bag of Tilda basmati rice from Ambal Trading (583 Parliament)
$10 gift certificate from The Beer Store (534 Parliament)
A man’s hair cut from Cabbagetown Barber Shop (525 Parliament)
Neal Brothers tortillas and salsa from Cabbagetown Organics (499 Parliament)
A hand painted bicycle bell from Cycle Solutions (444 Parliament)
One dozen Eco Friendly light bulbs from The Deal Zone (480 Parliament)
A pound of Reunion Coffee from The Epicure Shop (473 Parliament)
$10 gift certificate from the LCBO (512 Parliament)
A manicure from Star Nails (442 Parliament)
A fabulous pair of knee socks from Sharon’s (503 Parliament)
A plain or stuffed chicken breast from St Jamestown Steak & Chops (516 Parliament)
Hit that reply button if you want to win. Good luck everybody!

Prizes from Cabbagetown Organics include tortillas and salsa.
Mark at St Jamestown is offering a stuffed or plain chicken breast.

Another Eclectisaurus bonanza

Don’t miss this – the November sale at Eclectisaurus (249 Gerrard St E) brings art, antiques and brocante at 25% discounts. The sale runs until Sunday at 7 pm. You’ll certainly find beautiful stuff for yourself here - if the whim strikes you and you can bear to part with it, you may even find something to give away. The store’s hours are noon to 7 pm. For a preview of their offerings, visit

JAMcafe presents...

A wine “Tour de France” featuring a seven-course all-Ontario tasting dinner accompanied by eight regional wines from France – champagne, Alsace, Provence, Burgundy, Bordeaux. Sunday, November 29. The wine selections are from Merchant Vintner and the food is expertly prepared by JAM’s chef Av Atikian. The evening begins with a champagne reception. $155/per person. Space is,limited so call for reservations: (416) 921-1255, 195 Carlton Street.

Epicure is ready for Christmas
The Epicure Shop (473 Parliament) is beautifully decorated for the season and offering you all kinds of gift baskets and Christmas baking. There’s homemade shortbread and gingerbread. If you order a gift basket before December 10, you’ll get a 15% discount. Order any three party trays and receive a pastry tray free. There are lots more specials listed on Epicure’s Christmas flyer so be sure to pick one up next time you’re in the store. As an added bonus, “The Best Cheese in the World” is now in stock – Cendrillon’s prizewinning goat cheese log is available at $5.99.

Cabbagetown Press book launch
The Ben Wicks (424 Parliament) is host for the launch party for the first title from the new Cabbagetown Press. The Press is a project of the Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum and this book is a significant event in the Museum’s growth. Congratulations to all involved. The party, featuring “Polly of Bridgewater Farm” by Catherine McKenty, takes place on Saturday December 5 from 3 to 6 pm. Dates to remember The Holiday Craft Show & Studio Sale happens this weekend in Cabbagetown South – Friday to 9 pm and Saturday from 11 to 5 pm. 130 Seaton Street. Featured artists include Victoria Hadden, Gerri Orwin, Tessa Ort, Ray Prince and Irina Rapoport.

Cabbagetown South families are invited to join a Victorian Holiday Decorating party at Ontario Parkette (south of Dundas between Milan & Ontario). Wednesday December 9 between 6 and 7 pm. Hot apple cider and Christmas caroling. The Ben Wicks 8th annual Christmas sing-a-long with the Sterling Brass. This event is always more fun than a tub full of tubas – save the date on your calendar. Sunday December 20 from 3 to 6 pm, 424 Parliament.