Friday, 14 January 2011

World Jazz for Haiti
Over the past year, George Rondina at Number 9 Audio (222 Gerrard) has produced and promoted a two-disk album with songs from seventy great jazz artists. Proceeds from its sale benefit the Canadian Red Cross and George gave them their first cheque for $7000 last week. His efforts were headlined on this CBC National News report For lots more information about the album and where you can get it, visit

Rare wines at JAMCafe
On Wednesday January 26, Av Atikian is again hosting one of his remarkable wine tastings. This time, it’s a presentation of seven rare varietals, one Spanish, two French and four Italian. Some of these rare varieties date back to the 15th Century. Av will prepare his special hors d’oeuvres to match each tasting. Tickets are $40 each and reservations are recommended (these tasting sell-out). Menu and wine details are on JAM’s website at 195 Carlton, 416-921-1255.

Merryberry adds delivery services
We hate to discourage anyone who wants to visit Merryberry (559 Parliament), our new café on Parliament just south of the gas station. The décor is very pleasant and very whimsical. But you can’t always get there so Cyril has started a lunchtime delivery service. Just give him a call to find out the details and the daily specials. (647) 348-0411.

Coffee at Epicure
This week, Franca is promoting Epicure's house blend coffee. Buy a cup for only 49 cents. It’s freshly brewed all day long. While you’re there, check out her ceramic pizza plates, on sale at half price, only $7.99. 473 Parliament.

Don’t miss the sale at Eclectisaurus
Leslie really likes having a new café nearby. It adds a pleasant touch to this row of Gerrard Street stores and she wants to encourage it. So, here’s the deal. Drop in to Mylk Uncookies (253 Gerrard) and have a nifty cuppa coffee and a snack. Save the receipt. Show your receipt to Leslie at Eclectisaurus (249 Gerrard) and buy anything in her store at a 20% discount. The sale continues to January 31.

Foxy’s New Year sale
Michelle is continuing to offer 50% discounts on all of her in-store inventory. She’s bringing new items regularly to keep her offerings fresh. 251 Gerrard.

New cards at Labour of Love
Regina has been very busy through the holiday season talking to her customers and learning what you’d like from her store. She’s made some decisions. Her raunchy greeting cards have been a hit – she says it’s due to your “high demand and low-brow humour” - and she’s keeping them for you. Then, she’s adding a new high-quality line of more formal, traditional cards. To make space for her new inventory, she’s offering all of her cozy mitts and hats and a selection of her purses on sale at 20% off. There’s more at And try to guess who modelled for this picture!

Livelite at Big Mamma’s Boy
On Monday January 17, Big Mamma’s Boy is launching a special partnership with livelite. As mentioned here before, Caroline and Michael have an ongoing commitment to organic, naturally raised and individually prepared dishes and to creating a relaxing place for you and your family. Their partnership with livelite is a way to pursue a good diet and healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste and enjoyment. Their new menu will be unveiled at Monday’s launch. You’re invited – come to Big Mamma’s Boy to learn how livelite will help you to make a difference in your own life. 554 Parliament.

Bricks for the park
Late last year, we told you about Randy Brown’s campaign to sell bricks to upgrade the walkways in Riverdale Park. When you donate a brick, your name is inscribed on it – a permanent record of your generosity. Inside Toronto did a good article about Randy’s campaign - Your gift of $100 or $150 will help create a badly needed facelift for the park. For more information and to learn where to send your gift, email

Tee shirts around the world
We’ve been receiving some amazing pictures as our Tee shirts travel to every corner of the globe. Today’s photo comes from Louise – her brother, Gene, is serving as a civilian with the NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan. Our thanks to him for sharing his photo and our best wishes for a safe tour of duty while he’s there.