Friday, 29 July 2011

Lookin’ good
The new patio at Underdown (263 Gerrard at Berkeley) is now open and in full swing. These folks aren’t from Cabbagetown (I believe that Colorado was mentioned) and they found the patio by happy accident. They were wandering our streets enjoying our delights and needed some adult refreshment. Underdown came to their rescue. You don’t have to be from Colorado to enjoy this place as much as they do.

In fact, have you visited Gerrard Street lately?
The retail strip from Berkeley to Ontario is full of intriguing places. You can see exotic birds and animals at Hands on Exotics (251 Gerrard)), get your cat fixed at Cabbagetown Pet Clinic (239 Gerrard), have a coffee or tea or pastry at the ever-popular Mylk Uncookies (253 Gerrard) , donate a book for a child at the Children’s Book Bank (350 Berkeley), buy a case at the Beer Store (227 Gerrard) and get something old and beautiful at Eclectisaurus (249 Gerrard). When you’re finished, you’ll need a drink on the patio at Underdown (263 Gerrard) or a back massage at Cabbagetown Physiotherapy (255 Gerrard).

Eclectisaurus doesn’t want to count
Leslie has to do inventory and she hates counting. So she’s having a sale to cut down the work. There’s vintage furniture, clothing, jewellery, lighting and lots more. Visit Eclectisaurus (249 Gerrard). You’ll save 30% off everything on your purchase (no holds barred – everything.)

Hands On Exotics
This new business (251 Gerrard) features hands on experiences with interesting and rare animals – in a fascinating program of animal therapy and activities. Seth (the owner) lists all sorts of specialties: birthday parties, seniors activities, promotional events, photo shoots and television appearances. He also offers to babysit your exotic animal while you’re away. Visit his website for lots more information –

Holidays at St Jamestown
Mark and his staff at the butcher shop and the deli (516 Parliament) will be on holiday from August 1 to 8. It’s widely rumoured (but not true, by the way) that he will be hauling his family to New Brunswick on board his motorcycle. Not true! We’re encouraged to stop by this weekend to pick up those steaks, hot dogs, burgers and other goodies that we rely on from him.

Cool chic from Kendall & Co
Kevin sent along this photo of the new line of aluminum ice buckets now available at Kendall & Co (541 Parliament, just east on Winchester). They’re moulded and shaped from recycled metal. It makes us thirsty just from the picture. You’ll see samples in their window at their new store on Winchester.

Wine tasting at JAMcafe
Av is hosting a summertime tasting of eight lovely wines from Rhone, ranging from the exotic flavours of Viognier in the north to the rich reds of Chateauneuf du Pape in the south. He’s adding his own special touch with hors d’oeuvres matched to each wine. For details about the tastings and the menu, click here: Reservations are recommended - this event will sell out quickly. $50 (including tax and gratuity). Thursday August 11, 6:30 pm. 195 Carlton (at Ontario). 416-921-1255.

More cheese from Epicure Shop
Patty has three new cheeses in stock at the Epicure Shop (473 Parliament). Each one is great on its own. Together, she recommends, they make a great cheese plate. From Thornloe Cheese in northern Ontario’s beautiful Evanturel Township, there’s Devils Rock. It’s a lovely creamy blue cheese. From Prince Edward County’s Fifth Town, there’s Lemon Fetish, made from sheep’s milk with lemon zest and red fife on the rind. Then, of course, from la belle France, there’s Comte, king of the gruyeres, aged 18 months and renown for its use in fondues. Patty is open all weekend, from 9 am to 5 pm on Sunday and 8 am to 6:30 pm on Monday.

Expect the unexpected
Regina at Labour of Love (242 Carlton) has magnetic jewellery. Using magnets and metal chains, they can be easily shaped into new images that are both contemporary and sophisticated. You can see more at

VivaCity from UForChange
UforChange is a dynamic social agency that uses the arts to create opportunities for young people from St James Town. This weekend, they’re highlighting works by over 100 youth in music, dance, film, drama and a special art gallery presentation. After the show, these young artists will graduate, receive an honorarium and enjoy opportunities to use the program’s resources and to become mentors and teaching assistants. On Friday night from 5 to 8 pm at Ontario Street and James Avenue, just south of Rose Street school, there’s a film festival along with live acts, a mural unveiling and a bbq. On Saturday from 7 to 9 pm, they appear at the Glenn Gould Studio in the downtown CBC Building for a drama, fashion show and live acts. On Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5 pm, it all winds up at 517 Parliament for a multimedia gallery show and live acts. All events are free.

Riverdale Farm reports
Inside Toronto has written a short article describing the submissions made by Farm supporters when they appeared at City Hall. It’s well worth a read -