Friday, 11 November 2011

Peartree’s 19th Anniversary
It’s been 19 years since Asokan and Ilongo started their restaurant at Peartree (507 Parliament). Today, it’s one of our most popular stops. Everyone has a favourite table and a favourite dish. To celebrate their 19th anniversary, they’re offering a 19% discount on all food orders until November 30. For menus and lots more information, click here:

Susan Siddeley’s book launch
On Sunday, drop in to The Flying Beaver (488 Parliament) at 4:30 pm. Susan will be launching her latest book, Home First, A Memoir in Voices. Don’t miss this event.

Moms on Thursday
New moms have started to gather informally every Thursday morning at 10:30 am at Merryberry Café (559 Parliament). Cyril is happy to welcome you – no rules, no cover charges, just a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to compare notes and admire your babies together. All moms are welcome.

Funk at the Winchester Kitchen
Every Saturday from 9 pm, the Winchester Kitchen (51A Winchester) presents the great bands that will relive the experiences that we all enjoyed in the old Winnie. This week, the Break Down Band is performing. They’re a Toronto-based dance/funk/hip hop ensemble. These guys know how to have a good time, so come out and enjoy yourself with them.

MJG Gallery Presents
Central Neighbourhood House and the Cabbagetown Regent Park Community Museum have joined together to present fifty memorable pictures from CNH’s work in our community over the past 100 years. They’re on display at MJG Gallery (555 Parliament) from November 17 to 20. Former Toronto mayors David Crombie and Barbara Hall will help to launch the show on Thursday November 17 from 7 to 10 pm. For more info,

Rose Jordano’s Spa
Throughout November, Rose has a special 10% discount on all her skin care products. These high quality biological, organic lines are imported from France and Belgium. They’re available now at her lovely spa at 252 Gerrard.

Labour of Love
For Christmas this year, take a trip down memory lane. Labour of Love (242 Carlton) has gifts that will last forever and their inventory is being renewed daily.

Online Holiday Guide
Kevin reports that Kendall & Co have published their online holiday guide. It’s now available at It highlights their fantastic assortment of festive decorations, greeting cards, gift wrapping, fun stocking stuffers, party hostess gifts, and the most spectacular must-haves. Check back often for more ideas and new arrivals in the weeks to come. 541 Parliament, just east on Winchester.

Centre for Education & Training
The Centre (595 Parliament) held a business breakfast last Thursday to introduce guests to their services. The special speaker was Francois Grisel from Google. It was a fascinating hour-long talk about the powerful data that Google can provide for small businesses. Merryberry catered the event. Congratulations to everyone for a well run occasion.

Number 9 Studios
Save 10% on all of Number 9’s services – studio time, CD/DVD duplication, graphic design, A/V transfers and much more - throughout November. It’s best to put some time aside now for your music projects and avoid all the hectic rush later. Call 416-348-8718 or visit the studio at 222 Gerrard.

Get your Christmas calendar ready
Yes, it may not seem likely but Christmas is only six weeks away. Watch our Newsletter for lots of good information. We’re creating a Christmas online catalogue that will help you find your gift and holiday needs here in Cabbagetown. It’ll be starting next week – so watch this space.

Thanks Daniel
Daniel Koepfler has been volunteering at the BIA office for a couple of weeks and expects to be back for more. He’s a native son of Cabbagetown and a Grade 11 student at Jarvis CI. He’s sorting out the information that we gathered during the 2011 Festival and he’ll be entering that data into our computers. It’s an important job for us – these names and addresses will be added to our Newsletter mailing list.