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Dancing & Decorating

Welcome as we prepare for the oncoming Holiday and winter season!

This week we've got an update to the community meetings that happened this week, as well as some great business advice from TD Canada, and how being an introvert can be a great thing in business, Addy Saeed grows facial hair (!!), holiday celebrations, dining specials and the perfect gifts!!

BIA members, you may have received an email from us ( letting you know that we are in the midst of planning for the Holiday seasonal events and promotions. You will hear from us again over the next two weeks with further details. (And, for a sneaky peek..... we're going to have an actual 8' foot tree!!!)

Please find your decorations... and let's start decorating! If you need a hand, please contact us.

We have a small amount of decorations available at the office, for BIA members. Please contact us to request, and we'll follow up with you next week with the decoration we have available for you.


The Cabbagetown Residents Assocation (CRA) in partnership with the Aberdeen Avenue Residents Group (AARG) and Cabbagetown South Association had arranged the recent Town Hall Meeting and Safety Seminar with Police Division 51 and Pam McConnell. 

The CRA has also made the meeting summary available online:

The AARG has also kindly provided the following links...

Sign up and receive the latest police bulletins here:
View Cabbagetown crime stats here: 

Pam McConnell also encouraged anyone who notices burnt out lights in our local alleys to contact her directly:

Glen Murray held another Cabbagetown community planning meeting this week. For more info please go to:


TD Canada Webinar Seminars are available for you to listen to online, at your convenience! 

Click on the titles to access each seminar..

from Open View Labs

When it comes to introverts, there’s a common misconception that they lack the necessary qualities to be effective leaders. It’s a perception that leadership strategist and entrepreneur Lisa Petrilli disagrees with and, as a self-described introvert and a highly successful entrepreneur, it’s one she can legitimately disprove.
But being introverted isn’t about being shy or team averse, says Petrilli, who founded executive consulting firm C-Level Strategies in 2010 and authored The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership last year. Instead, it’s simply about drawing energy and creative juices from a different place.
While extroverts are at their best in more populated, bustling surroundings, introverts thrive in smaller group — and, yes, sometimes singular — settings and draw their energy from their inner world. Neither preference is wrong or better than the other, Petrilli explains, and both types of personalities can produce excellent leaders.
Petrilli recently sat down for a brief conversation with OpenView to discuss her experience as a successful introverted CEO, the roadblocks she faced along the way, and why she thinks possessing and communicating vision is the true foundation of great leaders.

As an introvert, did you find the leadership component of being an entrepreneur difficult early in your career?

Absolutely. In a business environment, you can’t escape the outer world that extroverts prefer. You have to exist and interact there if you want to be successful. For an extrovert, it’s an energizing experience to participate in larger groups and lead large teams. An introvert can be very successful in that world, but we don’t like to spend the preponderance of our time there.
Ultimately, leaders at companies of all sizes need to spend time every day getting out of their comfort zone if they want to be successful. I’m not suggesting that introverts have to become extroverts, but it’s important to get out of your office, motivate your team, and talk to the world about your company. If you’re the CEO of a growing company, those situations are unavoidable, and if you don’t embrace them at some point you’ll hit a career ceiling.
The good news, though, is that once you’ve done that, I absolutely think it’s important for introverts to return to their sanctums and explore their inner world of ideas. It’s really about striking a balance between your introverted preferences and the extroverted demands of corporate leadership.
What makes introverts particularly strong leaders in the startup and expansion stage phases?
I think introverts excel at creating and setting a vision for their company or product. Many people assume that the majority of CEOs — because they’re the figureheads of their companies — are extroverts. In my experience, that has not been the case.
Introverts — like a lot of entrepreneurs — tend to be creatively minded people who work well in innovative environments that allow them to dream up fantastic products and features. Early on, those people are great leaders because they’re comfortable communicating that vision to their small teams.

You talk a lot about the concept of “visionary leadership.” How exactly do you define it and how does it differ from other leadership styles?

I’m not sure that visionary leadership is a “style” as much as it is a foundation for great leadership. Ultimately, CEOs at the startup and enterprise levels need to know where they want to take their organizations. Executives may have a tendency to brush aside the idea of vision and turn it into a stock exercise that they execute with their team once a year.
That’s a big mistake. Your vision should be the framework of your business. It gets to the core of what you do, where you want the company to go, and what your market’s going to look like when you get there. Ultimately, a company’s leader needs to illuminate that path. If you look at Steve Jobs, he certainly did that with Apple. Steve Jobs was well known as a visionary and he created, communicated, and stuck with a very specific vision.
In the end, vision is about asking yourself how your business is going to make its customers more successful. When you think about your company as a medium for improving its customers’ lives, it can be hugely inspirational for you and your employees. Without that vision, your business will likely lack the internal fire that truly fuels long-term success.

What one piece of advice would you give early-stage CEOs — particularly introverted ones — about creating and communicating that vision to their teams?

I think the easiest way to summarize everything we’ve discussed is to say that what you bring to the table needs to be uniquely you. Whether we’re talking about leadership styles, personalities, or products, it’s critical to understand your strengths, embrace them, and deliver them in a way that is genuine and impactful.
Everyone assumes that innovation is about creating groundbreaking technology or that leadership is about being this boisterous personality, and neither is necessarily true. Ultimately, innovation and leadership are about being who you’re meant to be and less of who you’re not. If you can figure that out and clearly convey your passion, then you’ll empower your employees, investors, and customers to follow you.
Lisa Petrilli is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business, a Harvard Business Review guest blogger, the CEO of C-Level Strategies, and author of the Amazon Best Seller “The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership.” The eBook, which has been featured on The Huffington Post and the Harvard Business Review.



While Number 9 understands that some places have had to wait for another few days before being able to play Christmas music, N9 got to make plans for our holiday shindig NOW. The invitations will be going out shortly, and space is limited, so please RSVP by the 25th of November to ensure that you can attend. Food, drink, and entertainment will be supplied!

Note that this year Number 9 has chosen a bit of a different way to give back to the community. For 2012, they've chosen to partner with the Children’s Wish Foundation to help raise funds for their program. Guests attending this year’s Number 9 Holiday Celebration are being asked to purchase “Christmas on Seaton Street” for only $20. This is very special seasonal album that George Rondina has worked on at the studio over the past year in conjunction with some of Canada’s best musical talent. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Number 9 hopes to see you all there!

222 Gerrard Street East, Cabbagetown, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2E8 
Tel: 416.348.8718 | Fax: 416.348.9668 | Outside GTA: 1.855.998.6799 


Join us here at Peartree for your Holiday festivities and enjoy great food and company.
Book the Peartree Restaurant for your private party venue! Our beautiful solarium-style private dining room offers the perfect setting for corporate and social functions alike. Whether you plan on coming in with a small or large group we can accommodate everyone. Our Private Dining room holds up to 50 people with the option of Set Menu's. 

If you're thinking of staying in we also offer Catering services for your convenience.

Peartree Restaurant    507 Parliament Street

The Holidays are quickly approaching, so make your reservation NOW and secure your party and leave the rest to us!!  For Reservations, please call (647) 977-5797  

Reserve Online for on-line inquiries and to visit our website.


Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, 207 Queen’s Quay West
December 14, 8:00pm
December 15, 2:00pm 

Tickets: $22.50 to $38.00
Harbourfront Centre Box Office: 416 973 4000

Media Contact: Michael deConinck Smith 416-924-5657  

Celebrating a 25 Year Tradition at Fleck Dance Theatre with a World Premiere by Ofilio Portillo and favourites by Deborah Lundmark, Santee Smith, Carol Anderson and Kim Frank, with Lighting Design by Arun Srinivasan.


November has started and it's officially Movember time as well.  This is our third year participating in this feel good charity to help men's health.  I've been working hard on my mustache and it's more of a beard so far.  I'm looking for suggestions on what style I should shave it as and welcome your       input.  Support me on my journey as I grow some facial hair to raise awareness!  You can find more details here.

There's been a lot of talk this month especially the last week about the real estate market and we've been busy reviewing the information and digesting it for you.  In this edition, we take a look at the effect of higher interest rates on the Canadians and find that there is a correlation between debt and happiness.  We have a detailed commentary about the future of Toronto Real Estate along with the October 2012 freehold properties stats  and condominium stats which show a declining real estate market with prices still rising.  Since the mortgage rules have tightened, we are seeing an increased number of transactions being rejected by lenders and we take a moment to review one of the reasons; appraisals.  As residential markets are cooling, the office leasing market in Toronto is seeing upward pressure on price.  Lastly, I talk about my top five tips for purchasing investment properties and close off with an investment property we have listed in Hamilton.

Investment property for sale – Hamilton Real Estate

I had listed this investment property for sale in Hamilton earlier in the year with hopes that it would be gone by now but it’s still around and the seller have just sweetened up the pot for everyone.  The property was originally listed for $1.475M and when fully rented, it was projecting a...

What is the relationship between happiness and debt?

Statistics Canada has recently revealed that subsequent to some historical revisions that Canada’s household debt-to-income figure was actually a whopping 163.4%. This is a marked increase from the 152% figure using the old methodology. Interestingly, this level is on par with the United States...

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch – October 2012

Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 6,896 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in October 2012 – a decrease of 7.1 per cent compared to October 2011. There were two more business days in October 2012 versus October 2011. On a per business day...

How Would Higher Interest Rates Affect Canada?

Canada is currently experiencing the lowest interest rate environment since July of 1958 when the Bank of Canada’s policy rate was lowered to 1.22%. The catalyst for the current unprecedented loose monetary policy is the great recession of 2008. Fast forward four years later and what are the...

The mortgage pit-falls in today’s market

The changing mortgage rules and slipping real estate transactions has created quiet the environment for lenders today. Unsure about how the real estate market will be in the near and far future, the lending criteria has been tightened all across the board and it’s leaving a lot of sour buyers...

Cineplex Entertainment to Open Three More VIP Theatres

Going to the theatres in Toronto is about to become much more exclusive. On October 15th 2012 Cineplex Entertainment announced that it was going to expand its VIP Cinema concept to three more locations: the first standalone VIP cinema which will be located at the Shops on Don Mills, and adding VIP...

Toronto Office Space Prices Heat Up

Although signs of a cooling Canadian real estate market have come to fruition, the demand and prices for Toronto office space is taking off. A new report from real estate firm, Colliers International, finds that vacancy rates for office space across the GTA have declined from 7.2% in the third...

Greater Toronto Area REALTORS’ Latest Report on Toronto Condominiums

On October 16th, 2012 Greater Toronto Area REALTORS released its report on Toronto Condominiums. The report mentions that in the third quarter of 2012 there were 4,541 condominium apartment sales through the TorontoMLS system which represents a 20.5% decline in sales relative to the comparable...

5 tips for purchasing investment property

I make money through real estate by helping my clients buy and sell properties and through personally investing in it.  In the past six years that I’ve been working full time in real estate, I’ve come to experience numerous situations, good and bad, and I’ve learned dearly from...

As always, if you have any questions relating to real estate or know anyone looking for help, please feel free to contact me directly.  I'm available to offer the same service you have come to expect from me to any of your referrals.

The contributing factor, Addy Saeed
Real Estate Sales Representative
RE/MAX Active Realty Inc., Brokerage
Direct: 1-877-HEY-ADDY (439-2339)
Office: 416-292-6777



It’s hard to believe that December is just around the corner. Instead of sending another gift basket this holiday season, honour your clients, contacts and employees by showing your support of Pathways students.

Pathways is making it easy for their corporate champions to share Pathways’ “Graduation Nation” message through a customized, festive greeting. With a contribution to Pathways, you can incorporate a special “holiday supporter” icon, designed by a Pathways to Education alumna  into your corporate holiday greetings card or e-card.
Put your company’s holiday budget toward giving young people a hand up through the groundbreaking Pathways program. For your minimum donation of $2,500, it’s a gift that will ensure one student is fully funded in the program for the rest of the school year – a gift with far greater impact and meaning than a gift basket.
To make your holiday donation by credit card, please visit the Pathways corporate donation page.  For more information please contact Samantha Jones.


The School of Toronto Dance Theatre is in the midst of their Annual Giving Campaign,
but there are many ways you can support their programs.  

You can support the School by:

  • Stocking up your wine cellar!  The School has partnered with Sideroad Twenty Cellars to offer award-winning wines from Ontario and around the world.   Every time you order, a portion of the sale goes back to the School.  Visit and select The School of Toronto Dance Theatre as your broker.
  • Buying our stunning 2013 School Calendar; a perfect stocking stuffer! Contact the School Office at 416-967-6887 or to purchase yours today – 1 for $10 for 3 for $20
  • Donating online to the Annual Giving Campaign! Visit to read more about how your gift can help TDT's students.
  • Attending the  show, IMPULSE 2012 Come and see for yourself the artistic potential of TDT students as they perform new creations and remounts by renowned choreographers.
  • Visit Cylla von Tiedemann’s upcoming photography exhibition What Dances In Between at The Al Green Gallery from January 10 to February 9, 2013.  A portion of the proceeds from every photograph sold will be donated to the School.

In this season of giving, TDT invites you to choose how you would like to support the School.  Choose one, or choose them all!  Support tomorrow’s contemporary dancers, today.


Jambon Cru Façon Bayonne & Saucisson Sec Pur Porc

Pâté de Campagne au Cognac!! & Pâté de Canard au Cognac!!!

Patty showing off Le Canard's scrumptious treats


Here's an excerpt from KENDALL & CO Design + Décor, for more please see all the neighbourhood and Cabbagetown links below..

Here is this week's FYI from KENDALL & Co Design + Décor. FYI is our recommendation of what’s new and happening in our shop, around our community and within our city. For your interest and of course, for your interior design and décor. 

Extended Holiday Shopping Hours: NOW OPEN Sunday Noon to 4pm until Christmas

- Get hairy for Movember in support of men's health awareness. Pick up our Mo Bro Moustache Wall Hooks at KENDALL & Co now on sale. 

2) KENDALL & Co.’s Favs of the Week

James, our Design Project Coordinator, went to the Cadillac Lounge with his whole family and watched his uncles perform with the drummer from the Barenaked Ladies. It was a great show and great family time. 
Ashley, our Design Studio Assistant, had the best Bridal Shower ever at Madeleines Cherry Pie and Ice Cream Parlour (1087 Bathurst St.) followed by an amazingly fun Bachelorette Party.  She sends her love to all her friends for putting together such an amazing day.
Evan, our Project Facilitator, is excited about UFC 154 this Saturday. The return of Canada's own Georges St. Pierre to defend his welterweight title after a nearly 2 year absence due to injury. GRRRRR.
David, our Operations Assistant, enjoyed the movie "Chasing Ice".  A sobering picture of the effects of warming on the world's glaciers.  Beautifully filmed and edited, the film graphically depicts the retreat of the glaciers in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Montana.
Kevin, our Retail Manager, gets a laugh watching his dog Roxie play with an old t-shirt. She can entertain herself for hours with it. Life should be so simple.
Kendall, the Boss, enjoyed Patty's red velvet cake at the Epicure Shop at Parliament and Carlton St.

3) FREE Gift With Purchase @ KENDALL & Co
Another good reason to shop at KENDALL & Co. Spend $50 of more at our KENDALL & Co's retail boutique and receive a FREE Reusable Tote. Made of durable, water-resistant polywovens. While quantities last. 

4) Knotty and Nice
In our last FYI, we told you about our new Winter Whites ceramic collection of jars, vases and candle holders made to look like as if they are wrapped in a cozy chunky sweaters knits. This week, we present you our Spool of Yarn ceramic jars and vases. Check out our Holiday Guide, updated weekly for more nice gift ideas:

5) A Common Thread
Come Shop Local! Cabbagetowner Ann Lambert and her peers, Roslyn and Juana, from the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers have brought their handmade woven goods to KENDALL & Co. Their cute teddy bears, angel ornaments, bookmarks and necklaces makes for great Holiday Stocking Stuffers and Gifts. Artist from the TGSW are also available to make special commissions.
--> To learn more about the TGSW, visit or join in on their monthly meetings at the Riverdale Farm's Meeting House.

KENDALL & Co. Retail Shop + Design Studio

227 Carlton Street
Mon - Fri  10am to 6pm
Sat 11am to 5pm 
Sun Noon to 4pm (Extended Holiday Hours)


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