Thursday, 19 December 2013


Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Hello Cabbagetowners,

Yesterday I spent another day out on the town browsing through our local shops for last-minute gift ideas. I started down at Kendall & Co. and worked my way up the west side of Parliament Street until Wellesley. Have a peak at what everyone has in store or on the grill this holiday season. And check back in with us tomorrow as I explore more shops and restaurants.

Exclusively with Cabbagetown Living: We'll let you know who's open and closed until New Year's Day. Stay tuned for updates coming out all weekend!

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Where to Shop?

520 Parliament Street
Located on the West corner of Winchester and Parliament Street,  I can smell the winter fresh Christmas Trees outside every morning when I pass by the Fairway Market and Garden Centre. Fairway is more than your regular variety and grocery stores; on the inside it is home to a large range of freshly cut potted flowers and plants. 
Whether you're looking to decorate the outside or inside of your home with holiday cheer, or just to show someone how special they are, Fairway's Garden Centre has it all. 


227 Carlton Street 

Now aside from having a Holiday Gift Guide, yesterday I took a tour of Kendall & Co. myself and I got the first look at items that are new in store an exclusive to Cabbagetown. Thank you for the tour Kevin! 
Cool & Quirky Ornaments
Waterproof, collapsible. Some are even insulated. Whether you're looking for a baby bag, lunch bag, gym tote, a travel bag, a cooler or anything in between, you definitely want to check these guys out. Also noteworthy: These mugs with little animals featured on the inside:

Shark Mug
Dino Mug

Gator Mug
Perfect for animal lovers!

For your nature-loving friends, these collapsible test-tube holders work great as a decorative vase or candle holder. To the left you'll also see a Terrarium Candle Holder. They look great with rocks and added greenery, and they're perfect on your mantle or dinning room table.

Indoor or Outdoor Rugs - these are the smaller, colourful indoor rugs. And they are super easy to clean!

This 6 plate set also comes with a serving bowl. This collection is completely dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cookie Jar comes with 6 tea cups or coffee cups, a serving tray, and a separate cookie jar that comes with a lid. Perfect for entertaining guests

Collect all four table toppers from Italy and build your own little village

Each wooden etagiere comes with two hidden compartments
Each calendar comes with poster-sized artwork. At the end of each month, you'll have a new piece of art for your home. 

Deck your halls with these decorative trees. Feeling creative? Add ornaments to spruce this tree up, or spray paint t hem any colour you'd like.
I noticed these colourful aprons as soon as I walked in and just had to take a picture. These aprons are made out of cotton so they're easy to clean. Each apron has pockets, and comes with a matching tea towel.
574 Parliament Street 
Ramiy's Video Vision offers all sorts of jewellery, as well as a collection of rental DVDs in Tamil, Hindi, Teglugu and Malaylam. 
Holiday Hours: Closed Christmas and New Year's Day 
Bangles, Gold earrings

Hair Jewellery, Necklaces

Colourful Necklaces

Baby Outfits

DVD Rental

592 Parliament Street 
Looking for artificial tress or any type of Christmas ornaments and decorations? Jamestown Milk, at the corner of Wellesley St. East and Parliament, offers a wide selection of all things Christmas.

Where to Eat?
248 Carlton Street

For your lunch, dinner and catering needs, visit Daniel et Daniel. Their wide assortment of dishes and delicious pastries is why these guys have been in business for over 30 years!
Have a sweet tooth? Their wide selection of treats include fancy truffles, fruit cakes, caramel and lemon spreads, a mini Jelly Belly Bean machine, delicious chocolates, and much much more.
Joyeux Noel. 
Holiday hours: 
December 24th, 2013: 7:30am to 5pm 
December 25th, 2013: CLOSED 
December 30th, 31st: 7:30am to 5pm
January 1rst - 5th, 2014: CLOSED 
Re-open for regular store hours on January 6th, 2014. 

584 Parliament Street 
With a variety of Filipino and Asian Cuisine and Treats, Wow Philippines Eat Bulgaga also features catering and eat-in specials.

540 Parliament Street

Be sure to stop by our friendly neighbourhood coffee shop before they wrap up for the holiday season!
Holiday hours: Closed from December 24th to December 31st, 2013

601 Parliament Street 
Holiday hours: CLOSED on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. OPEN on CHRISTMAS DAY AND NEW YEAR'S DAY

Christmas Dinner

That's all for today! Tomorrow's post will include a whole new set of businesses, including special specials from The Epicure Shop, and news from Cabbagetown's newest store, The Vintage Vagabon Co.