Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mark Michelin of St. Jame Town Steak and Chops and seven Cabbagetown's food Establishments welcome revelers to the successful Taste of Cabbagetown history and food tour all accompanied by live music. Here is what people on the tour said.
Peter: "Wow I never knew Cabbagetown had some many great places to eat and it reminds me of a small European town"
Marcedes: " I am so glad i invited my friends on the tour the live music made us feel like celebrities and every food place were so friendly and informative"
Tom: this place sure has changed since i visited a dew years ago< the restaurant are great and so many different ones"
Taste of Cabbagetown was part of a larger promotion with Yellow Pages called Taste Your Neighbourhood involving fifteen neighbourhoods Cabbagetown was then first to sell out>