Friday, 15 August 2008

Add to your sex appeal Gentlemen – a word of advice from someone who’s had a life full of adventure. Add two things to your repetoire: a golden retriever and a Cabbagetown Tee. Get your T shirt at 237 Carlton for only $10. Find your own dog somewhere else.

The third annual Cabbagetown Wine Route.
There’s something about our wine tastings – they’ve become a very pleasant way to kick-off your Festival weekend.
Be sure to save Thursday evening, September 4 for this event. It starts at 7 pm and goes until 11 pm.
This year, Ontario wines are featured. Our chefs are preparing menus that match the wines and show off their kitchens’ skills. In the past two years, people on the Tour have raved about the fine foods that are offered. Both the wine and food are served in sample sizes.
Six restaurants are hosting special tastings:
Big Mamma’s Boy (554 Parliament, 416-927-1593)
The Cobourg (533 Parliament, 416-913-7538)
JAMCafe (195 Carlton 416-921-1255)
The Left Door (424 Parliament 416-961-9425)
Piccolo (226 Carlton, 416-944-3738)
Stonegrill on Winchester (51B Winchester 416-967-6565).
Each tasting is one hour long. You are, of course, invited to enjoy more than one event. The tickets are $40 per tasting (including all taxes and gratuities) and you can reserve your spot by calling your favourite restaurants.

The Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival
Featuring 17 short films from around the world and around the corner. This year, it’s happening on Friday, September 5. The box office opens at 7 pm and the screenings run from 8 to 11 pm. As added incentive, there’ll be a cash bar and lovely nibblies to chew on.
Find out last minute program details at:
Winchester Dance Theatre, 80 Winchester Street (at Metcalfe). Tickets are $10.

Sandhill Pipers at The Ben Wicks Right after the parade on Saturday morning, run up to the Ben Wicks (424 Parliament). The Sandhill Pipe Band likes to stop there after a hard day on the parade route, play a few tunes and then enjoy an adult beverage. You, of course, can do the same.

The Cabbagetown Boxing Club Annual Amateur Boxing Show New time! It happens on Saturday night, 7:30 pm, September 6. Upstairs at 2 Lancaster above the Cabbagetown Youth Centre. The place is packed. The matches are very competitive.
Annual prizes are given for Best Boxer, Best Cadet Boxers, Best Senior Boxers and more. Tickets are $15.

Now for some regular business …

Posterity Graphics Daniel wants us to remind you that his clearance sale has now reached new heights. Everything is priced at 35 to 50% off the listed price. In another two weeks, he’ll be closing forever. We won’t have the chance to browse through his stock or carry home a bright new image. So go now before it’s too late. (523 Parliament)

The Epicure Shop Patty wants you to know that Reunion Coffee will be on sale on Sunday (only on Sunday – so don’t miss it.) This brand is hugely popular here in our newsroom and we get our supplies regularly from Epicure. This is a big product endorsement and a happy nod to Epicure as well. It’s $1.99 for 100 grams and that’s a savings of $3 per pound (excluding decaf and flavoured stuff.) They’re also featuring rare roast beef (no preservatives or additives) and Maple Farms Bacon. (473 Parliament)

Façade Improvements The fix-ups never stop at Anita’s Hairstyling. When she’s not busy with our flowing locks, Anita takes her paintbrush in hand and does another coat on her storefront. (239 Carlton)

Carl for President Late breaking news. Carl Orbach is running for US president. Extensive coverage of his campaign has started up on CNN, Fox and other major news outlets. Americans who are hungering for leadership have looked north to Carl and he has responded. For early press commentaries, click here: