Friday, 26 September 2008

Federal Election Forum
The election campaign is definitely upon us and we have a full slate of impressive people offering themselves for our consideration. You can meet them all, watch them at work and ask your pressing questions at our Election Forum.
Church Hall, St Simon the Apostle Church, 525 Bloor Street
Monday, September 29, 7 pm
This year, we’ve joined forces with our friends in St Jamestown to host the meeting

Welcome to The Lampcage (557 Parliament), located just south of the gas station. They offer lamps, lighting and furniture. The lamps are custom designed and handcrafted on site – the store is actually Dean Lee’s studio. The Lampcage has moved here from Riverdale and has an established clientele to bring into our neighbourhood.

The whole block around The Lampcage is undergoing quiet improvement with Michael Haddad’s new office, Norah’s Hair Studio, the new façade at Musicent and the new business coming next to Blockbuster. Even Coffee Time is being renovated! All good news.
The Post Office is back in Cabbagetown. The new location for their kiosk is our Shoppers Drug Mart (467 Parliament). Guru Paran is in charge.Old Cabbagetown Physiotherapy has just opened and is our first physiotherapy clinic. Dr Minh Hao has a background in both physiotherapy and chiropractic and he will soon also offer both acupuncture and massage therapy. He will emphasize the individual needs of each patient. His office is located in the beautiful row of buildings just west of Berkeley (255 Gerrard, 416-972-9997) Kabongo Toure has just opened his new store, ICITS, at 430 Parliament. He has an amazing range of African videos available as well as computer rentals, electronics, software and repairs. Well worth a visit. And speaking of new business, gossip has it that we’re about to get a new sushi restaurant, a new art gallery, a new catering business and a new bakery – more on these as they unfold.

If you’re looking for a location for a new office, check out the facilities at 185 Carlton. They have an office available at 500 square feet ($1500/mo) and another at 335 square feet ($1000/mo). Boardroom, fax and copy facilities are available. For more information, call Bernadette at 416-323-1444 ext 224.

Barracuda has a sale
Gerry Gold at Barracuda is having a sale. Selected glass, ceramics and planters in this great store are now on sale at 50% off until October 15. Cabbagetown gardeners (this store is a destination for you) will definitely want to take advantage of the sale. (527 Parliament)

Nuit Blanche Celebrations
The bandwagons are starting to roll. The all-night flavour of the event has captured imaginations among Cabbagetown businesses. Here’s a sampling of the delights that you can expect:
Loonie or Less (480 Parliament) – just mention Nuit Blanche at the cash register when you’re making a purchase during the coming week. 5% of your purchase will be donated to the organizing committee. The artists will benefit and so will you with the amazing bargains now being offered. Greater Minds International (250A Carlton) – they’re placing a massage therapy chair near Winchester and Parliament. If the night begins to drag you down, Ekua can fix you up.
The Epicure Shop (473 Parliament) – will stay open all night and provide lots of coffee, sandwiches and goodies to fuel your artistic needs.
2-4-1 Video (455 Parliament) – will screen short films throughout the entire night. They’re working with Gina Dineen from the Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival to ensure a full and fascinating program. Do you have a short film on DVD? Bring it in and they’ll screen it. Reflections (453 Parliament) – has a Nuit Blanche all-night Halloween Costume Party. This is their forte and they’re putting their hearts into it. Watch for the red flashing roof light on their parked car. The Ben Wicks Pub/Left Door
A new bistro menu has just appeared at Cabbagetown favourite, The Ben Wicks Pub (424 Parliament). It features pub favourites from finger food to full-course meals. It’s a nice match for their new décor in the Left Door.

The Epicure Shop

Patty Junior has announced new store hours. Monday to Wednesday, they're open from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. Thursday and Friday, from 7:30 am to 7 pm. Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm. The reappearance of Niagara Gold and Comfort Cream cheeses is also big news from Epicure - both of them are worth chasing. (473 Parliament)

International News - Denounced in MoscowCabbagetowner Eric Morse has written an article published in the Ottawa Citizen about pending conflicts in the Caucusus. He has subsequently been denounced as “irresponsible, dangerous and totally out of control” by Oleg Popov of the Media Intelligence Group of Moscow. Cabbagetowners of course, know Eric (previously of Petshotz fame) as a Ben Wicks regular and we all deny that his erudite article has any relationship to the frequency of his appearances at the Wicks.
The real mystery is Mr Popov. Just who is Oleg? It turns out via a Google search that Oleg Popov is a famous Moscow clown. Eric Morse is being denounced in a three ring circus. That won’t surprise Ben Wicks regulars.