Tuesday, 23 September 2008

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Nuit Blanche is coming to Cabbagetown http://www.cabbagetownnuitblanche.ca/

From sunset to sunrise, 14 artists will transform Cabbagetown during our celebration of Nuit Blanche. It all happens overnight on Saturday, October 4 and Sunday, October 5.

Nuit Blanche highlights contemporary art in parks, stores, empty lots and streetcorners all across Toronto. Artists will be constructing and showing their work to hundreds of thousands of people. The event is in its third year city-wide and its first year here in Cabbagetown.

Nuit Blanche operates on three levels. First, there will be major exhibitions curated by the City and sponsored by Scotiabank. In addition, participating neighbourhoods like ours will have exhibitions that local committees have encouraged and assisted. Finally, individual artists will take advantage of each venue to show their own works spontaneously in convenient places.

Cabbagetown’s evening is being organized by a special group assembled by John Jay (from The Cobourg at 533 Parliament). Local businesses are contributing support on their own and through the Cabbagetown BIA.

So, you’re undoubtedly asking, what’s on the program. More about that soon. Today, we need to talk about…

Buy a Cabbage Lantern and Whiten the Night
Buy a special Cabbage Lantern and put it on your porch overnight. The committee suggests $25 but the final decision is yours. Whatever your gift, your lantern will be delivered to your door. It’s your signal to the world that you support our first Nuit Blanche here in Cabbagetown.

Your donations are needed and welcome. Every dollar raised will help our artists to buy materials and pay the costs of their exhibitions.

Email your lantern order and enquiries to cabbagetownnuitblanche@gmail.com

Please make your cheque payable to the Cabbagetown BIA. You can deliver
it to the BIA at 237 Carlton Street, Toronto, M5A 2L2 or to The Cobourg, 533 Parliament St, Toronto M4X 1P3

Check it out: http://www.cabbagetownnuitblanche.ca/

On Friday, we'll send out another Newsletter and tell you what's on the program. Book the date now and come back then for more info.