Friday, 21 November 2008

The Miracle at the Beer Store
The Beer Store on Gerrard (at Ontario) has gone hi-tech in its search for more and more green solutions to modern living. As we all know, our beer and wine bottles are now recycled through the Beer Store system. At Gerrard, they’ve figured out a way to avoid the hassles in all of this handling. Just take your bottles to the side door ramp, select the proper machine and toss them into it one-by-one. You can watch them get crunched instantaneously. When your load has been delivered, press the green button and you’ll get a printed receipt. Run inside and cash it in (for beer or money, take your pick!) Voila – the end to those messy bottle-return blues.

Foxy Boutique And when you’ve got your bottle refund, spend it at nearby Foxy Boutique (251 Gerrard). Michelle is very pleased with the funky new lines that she’s offering for the holiday season. Her store is jammed full of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. If you remember, please mention this blurb and she’ll give you a 10% discount. Just another reason why we think those Gerrard Street stores are a real treasure for Cabbagetown shoppers.

Karaoke Fundraiser at Big Mamma's Boy
Big Mamma's Boy (Parliament) is holding a fundraiser for the Cabbagetown Youth Centre on Friday November 21 at 7 pm. Join John Stevens as host and sing along to your heart's content.

The Epicure Shop
A nice weekend for samples at Epicure Shop. Patty is introducing Brick Street breads (100% organic) to her store and you can sample them on Friday and Saturday. Then, through the weekend, you can also enjoy a free sample bag of Reunion Island Coffee with every ten dollar purchase. (473 Parliament)

One on One Hair Stevhan Standberg (179 Carlton at Ontario) is a well-known celebrity stylist whose clients over the years have included Cindy Crawford, Sandra Bullock and Matthew Broderick. He brings 23 years of unhurried professionalism to his work with you. His emphasis in his bright and welcoming studio is on a direct, personal experience for you. You can check out his services and contact him for an appointment through his web site,

Sharon’s Sharon went shopping last Tuesday and in her own words, she did "a biggie." For men, she’s brought in hoodies and sweaters in many different styles and colours. For women, there are more sweaters, Mac & Jac and Kensie Girl samples – skirts, coats, tops and dresses. And on her more elegant side, she has silk dresses, evening gowns, scarves, hats, gloves and jewellery. She has to make room for all of her new merchandise, so she’s listed many items on sale to move them out. (503 Parliament)


Two timely reminders have been issued from Barracuda.

Just because it’s cold and wintry outside doesn’t mean that your plants can be neglected. In fact, now, more than ever, they need a little TLC. So get them a spiffy planter while supplies last. And while you’re at the store, pick up Vical clear glass vases on sale at two-for-$30 prices. Plus decorative accessories at 15 to 25% discounts.
And you’ve got to start thinking about seasonal deadlines: if you need some framing done in time for Christmas, please bring it to the store before December 10. (527 Parliament)

Co-operative Nursery School
Cabbagetown’s own Co-operative Nursery School has a great reputation as a family-friendly school. Registration week for new kids begins on Monday November 24 and continues to Friday November 28. During the week, interested parents can visit the school to learn more in the morning from 9:15 am to 11 am (Monday to Friday) and in the afternoon from 1:15 pm to 3 pm (Monday to Thursday.) Call 416-964-2984 for an appointment.
It’s located at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre (2 Lancaster). Find out more at

Don’t get depressed… While the stock markets crash and doom-and-gloom springs up everywhere, JAMCafe (195 Carlton) is coming to the rescue: they’re offering a special three-course recession-proof prix fixe dinner for $19. Now that’s a bailout – at that price, you can eat here every night.
Av and Joe have also scheduled their special December tastings. On Tuesday December 2 at 6:30 pm, it’s an evening for sangiovese, the plush wines of Tuscany. Wines from four regions are matched with four food courses. And there’s a special Sparkling Reception. $75.
Then, on Tuesday December 16, four single malt Scotch whiskies are highlighted. The evening’s theme is “from islands to highlands” featuring samples with peat, heather, chocolate and wood. $25.
Reservations and advance payment are recommended. Tips and taxes are extra. 416-921-1255.

Dollar4U Stock up on your Christmas home needs at real bargain prices. Jafar from Dollar4U (405 Parliament) recommends his collection of ceramic angels and statuettes for a nice decorative note over the holidays. The store is also jammed with ribbons, tree ornaments and every other goodie that you may want to give yourself that festive feeling.

It’s Christmas When the hardworking (and underpaid) BIA workers swarmed onto Parliament, Gerrard and Carlton this week, they were attaching seasonal wreathes to our light fixtures. As the day began, passersby told them that “it’s too early”, “not yet” and “what’s this for?” But down came the year’s first serious snow and the chant changed “yo,ho,ho”, “Merry Christmas” and even “hey, that looks good.” It goes to show you: red ribbons and snow will do it every time – and we hope that you enjoy this year’s Cabbagetown Christmas. Many thanks to Jim from Super Foto (434 Parliament) for his fine snapshot of the guys at work.