Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hasty Notes …
The shorter week has caught us by surprise so this is just a fast summary of a few things to look for and to enjoy over the coming week.

Free wine at JAMCafe
Well, not quite but very close. On Sundays, JAMCafe is welcoming customers who bring their own wine. They’ll take care of it and serve it for you – all with no corkage fee. (195 Carlton)

Easter eats

Cranberries (601 Parliament) are having an Easter dinner special on Sunday featuring poached halibut or roast lamb served with soup or salad and apple crumble. A group of us ate at Cranberries on Friday night and had a wonderful meal - lots of steak with fresh steamed veggies, salmon pasta with pesto sauce, chicken stirfry, chocolate brownies, tiramisu, etc etc, all moderately priced and served carefully with lots of good humour. This has long been one of my favourite Cabbagetown stops and Siva, Ruth and the staff really did a marvelous job for us last night.

Hi Tech Seven Plus

They’ve moved to bright new premises just north of Luciano’s No Frills at 453 Parliament. You may remember this attractive business when it was located on the west side of Parliament. To celebrate their move, they have several grand opening specials including LCD monitors at $144.99 and computers starting at $299. They offer their network support on site and in store. And they still have an account as a FedEx dealer.

It’s busy in the bike lanes

Life at Cycle Solutions (444 Parliament) is definitely heating up with the Spring rush now underway. Kale reminds us that he can make a definite appointment for your repair and tune-up work – drop in and talk to him in advance to make your arrangements. By the way, bikes, helmets and lights are currently PST exempt but that will come to a definite halt next year when PST and GST are “harmonized”. So buy your supplies now and save.

It’s maple syrup season

The Epicure Shop (473 Parliament) has a new batch from Quebec and it’s available on sale at $9.95, a savings of $4. And ask about their cookies and other Easter goodies – there may still be some left over for you.

Why so rushed?
We’re in the middle of some very big projects at the BIA. For the past year, we’ve been working on a special study to rebuild parts of our area and make them friendlier for pedestrians with sustainable green features, bike facilities, landscaping and Cabbagetown signage. Our first draft for the final report has just arrived and next week we’ll post a link to a PDF which you can review and comment on.

Our Board of Management has also just approved a pilot project to mount flower baskets on poles throughout the area. If you see a man walking around with a clipboard in a very bureaucratic manner, that’s just me noting pole numbers and suitable locations for our final applications to the City of Toronto and Toronto Hydro.

Finally, with warm weather coming back, we’ll soon see an increased number of street people in our neighbourhood. We’re now getting some valuable help from the City’s Streets-to-Homes program. Their staff will contact street people, ask about their living conditions and put them in touch with agencies that can help them. There are no instant miracles in this effort but the staff do keep a vigilant watch and try to lift street people out of the problems that have plagued them. For contact information, call us and we’ll provide direct numbers to the Streets-to-Home people.