Friday, 24 April 2009

A Sunday for history buffs

As reported here last week, St Peter’s Church (188 Carlton) is hosting an open-door event on Sunday April 26 from 1 to 4 pm. The building was completed in the 1860’s and has been an important Toronto landmark ever since. In its early days, the congregation was a destination point for people fleeing slavery in the USA through the underground railroad. The Pellats, the Jarvis family and a host of other notables have belonged to the congregation. As Brian Gerrior, the church’s Peoples Warden tells it, “The bricks ooze history.” Following the open-door tour at 4:30 pm, there will be an Evensong Service of Gregorian chants with members from St Barnabas Church.

Enjoy this delightful part of Carlton Street

Before going to St Peters, drop in to Chew Chews right next door at 186 Carlton. Their popular Sunday brunch features “eggs bennie”, eggs Florentine and of course, a regular plateful of bacon-and-eggs.

If you prefer to tour and then dine, you’ll want to explore JAMCafe (195 Carlton). On Sundays, you can bring your own bottle of your favourite wine and they’ll serve it for you without any corkage fees. It’s the next best thing to a free bottle. And they have a three-course prix fixe menu for only $19. Good bargains in a lovely room.

Our future streetscape
A quick reminder that the BIA’s proposals for the new streetscape on Parliament, Carlton and Gerrard are now available for review on the internet. Just click on this link and follow the Cabbage: Please look over the plans and give us your comments. Send your reviews to

It’s dry at The Wicks

The Ben Wicks (424 Parliament) has been renewed, refreshed, rejigged and reopened. Yes, the water damage is under control, to the relief of Robert and Dave. The establishment looks just fine.

Soup sale

Back again, the folks from Blink Blink, Branch Out and other members of the Soup Group (6031/2 Parliament) are hosting a one-day craft sale featuring unique handcrafted jewelry, greeting cards, bookmarks, paintings, prints, plants, seeds and lots more. Saturday May 2 from 10 am to 5 pm. Don’t miss this popular event loaded with goodies for your Mother’s Day gifts.

Sports Department

Congratulations to Cabbagetown athlete and bon vivant Hector Clouthier. He’s just successfully completed the Boston Marathon, sprinting around the course in a remarkable 3 hours and 56 minutes. The overall winner was Ethiopia’s Deriba Merga who covered the course in record time, crediting Clouthier’s daunting pressure for relentlessly pushing him to an ever-higher performance level. Yes, Hec is indeed an obsessed marathoner – he’s the only Cabbagetowner we know who will shave his head to cut wind resistance. His remarkable effort has qualified him for a repeat appearance in the 2010 marathon.

A bright idea

A reminder that The Deal Zone Savings Centre in Loonie or Less is still offering Eco Friendly Covered CFL bulbs at great prices. Do you now that using just 5 of these bulbs instead of your old fashioned 60-watt bulbs can save you up to $150 in hydro charges over the lifetime of the bulbs? Get them for $1/each and start saving your money.
And while you’re at the store, check out their 20-foot retractable clotheslines at $3/each. They’ll fit in your small backyard or across your balcony.

Nok Out

As the proud owners of a golden retriever, we worry regularly about what’ll happen if he runs into a skunk. More accurately, we know what’ll happen and we need to know how to fix it. Marilyn from Diggity Dog grooming recommends Nok Out from Pet Valu (240 Carlton). By the way, Marilyn visits Pet Valu on the first Saturday in each month so she’ll be there next weekend. You can bring your guys along for a full service tune-up.

Gordon Daniel Gallery

Gordon Daniel (460 Parliament) has a new show running to May 7 featuring Justin Pape’s acrylics, wall murals, mixed media and sculptures. “We Kill You: I lose track of my mind sometimes” is a play on the phrase “You kill me”. WKY is a team of creatures – The Ghost, The Bat, The Sasquach, The Bunny, The Bear and The Ape – who are all looking to put a smile on your face. Their goal is simply to make the world a brighter, happier place.

Cabbagetown Youth Centre

The CYC has a very spiffy new website at and it’s well worth a visit. They’ve included a full description of their program details, a good introduction to the staff and supporters and a generous offering of photos, news events and contact info. You can also join their Facebook page at Cabbage Town Youth Centre.

Coming events

The Forsythia Festival will take place on Sunday, May 3. The group assembles in Riverdale Park (Sumach and Winchester) at 10 am and forms into a parade. The long march to Wellesley Park begins at 10:30 am. Festivities in Wellesley Park then continue
through the afternoon. Details next week – for now, mark your calendars and save this date.

Euchre fundraiser

If you like to play euchre, if you want to win prizes of $75, $50 and $25, and if you want to contribute to an outstanding local organization, then Central Neighbourhood House (349 Ontario) is your answer. The tournament takes place on Saturday May 2 from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. Registration is $20. Call Robert Butler at (416) 925-4363.

The Hike for Hospice 2009

Another event on May 3 in Riverdale Park. You can take a 2k stroll through the park or a 5k walk in the Don Valley. If you bring fundraising pledges, registration is free; otherwise registration is $20. Enjoy lunch, games, face painting, musical entertainment and a free massage.