Friday, 2 October 2009

Nuit Blanche is back again
Book the night on your schedule -
Saturday October 3 to Sunday October 4, 7 pm to 7 am.
The Cabbagetown volunteers lining up our Nuit Blanche event have done a great job. This year, there are over a dozen installations – eight on Parliament and four in Riverdale Park. Once again, Parliament is closed from Carlton north to Winchester. On Rose Avenue just south of Wellesley, there’s a final multimedia event.
Parliament is the scene for a magic lantern show, bike art, an attack of illuminated spiders and several sculptures.
George Smitherman’s office at 514 Parliament will host a live concert by CYC kids, art from Regent Park’s Art Heart and a collection of George’s own photographs entitled Images of the North.
In the park, the Cabbagetown Monster is back plus there are public displays of affection and 3-D awareness project. On Rose, an antique letterpress prints limited editions through the night and they’ll be distributed free to visitors.
Your first stop should be the Information tent on Parliament north of Carlton. You can get a program, look at the map and plan your tour.
For advance information on artists and locations in Cabbagetown, check

It’s above ground

The shell for the new bank building at Carlton and Parliament has risen above the earth to the satisfaction of the builder and everyone else’s fascination. The extensive footings and basement areas are poured. Now it’s the steel structure to be followed in October by the pre-cast concrete flooring and the major utilities and services. By year end, the brickwork and windows will be in place and the interior work by the bank will begin.
It’s hoped that the bank will open in April.
George Foulides, the builder, has started to work closely with the BIA on exterior landscaping plans. This partnership allows both parties to benefit from the other’s work. Trees, a special concrete plaza, bike racks and gardens are among the elements under study.

Congratulations Double Take
The large second-hand store at 310 Gerrard Street (east of Parliament) is a familiar fixture for Cabbagetowners. Few of us also know that it’s an arm of the nearby Yonge Street Mission and that it offers not only a useful retail service but also a training ground for community residents who need a job or a chance to upgrade their skills.
The store’s manager, Kathy Webster, says that Double Take provides a big step toward a real career for many people.
The store was the feature of a good article in Metro News and you can read the full account here:
Stop by, have a look and find a bargain.

Epicure’s Thanksgiving
Patty’s taking your orders for homemade pumpkin pies – a real seasonal treat. While you’re there, pick up a litre of extra virgin olive oil for $9.99 (and save $3). If you’re hungry, check out Patty’s new grilled panini which she’s offering for $6.99 and $7.99. (473 Parliament)

We Day
Free the Children annually holds a day to celebrate our service to each other and the pleasures that we find in that work. This year, a massive rally featuring the Governor General along with a full slate of popular celebrities took place in Vancouver. Toronto’s event is scheduled for Monday from 9 to 2 pm at the Air Canada Centre. You can read about it and watch the video clips courtesy of CTV, one of the major sponsors:
Cabbagetown benefits greatly from Free The Children and Me To We, the sister agencies located at 233 Carlton.
You can watch the CTV special on the two We Day celebrations on Saturday October 10 at 7 pm. The website link and the CTV specials will give you insights into their world-wide programs and explain how the many young people who pass through our neighbourhood are helping to shape a new and better world around us.
Russ McLeod is a familiar face in the neighbourhood. Despite working unceasingly on the We Days, he's been caught here taking a minute for a Tim Horton's. Russ is a member of the BIA board and is constantly looking for ways to tie Free The Children into our community.

Turkey time
Speaking of Thanksgiving, Mark at St Jamestown Steak & Chops (516 Parliament) is taking your orders now for turkeys, hams and fresh fish for your holiday feasts. He’ll have them ready for you next weekend. We always get a smaller bird – around ten pounds – and we find that it’s a perfect size for two people. Mark sells a lot of turkeys simply because the ones that he offers are so good.

It’s early – book now
Yes, it’s early to be telling you about JAMCafe’s next wine tasting: Saturday October 24 at 6 pm. It’s a good idea to book ahead because this popular tasting series sells out.
On October 24, JAM will feature six wines from two California estate wineries – the Trefethen Family Vineyards and Spring Mountain Vineyards. Joe Atikian is preparing hors d’oeuvres to match the wines. Tickets are $35 each and reservations can be made at (416) 921-1255. For more info, visit

Looking good …
Continuing onward in our series of Tee-shirt profiles, this week we present Michael and Cassie from Melbourne Australia. The Tee shirt looks especially good on Cassie who is, by all reports, a delightful Labradoodle. We have no doubt that she’d fit right in at the doggie area in Allan Gardens or the playground in Riverdale Park. Michael is the human. Thanks to Jo on Aberdeen for sharing the pic.