Friday, 18 June 2010

There’s music all over Cabbagetown

But first…

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The 2010 Tee Shirt Season has arrived

Kristin bought a beautiful Cabbagetown Tee shirt this week. And then graciously agreed to be our 2010 model to launch our new sales season. You can look as good as she does – for just $10. Drop in to 237 Carlton Street and pick out your size. Our Tees are available in a wide range of colours, all black.

Our Music on Parliament Street Series
Michael Brennan is our musician this week. He’s a Cabbagetown favourite, singing genuine alternate country in his unique gentle style. Saturday June 19, noon to 4 pm, Winchester and Parliament.

Jazz on Gerrard
The Gerrard stores are a hidden corner in Cabbagetown so we’ve decided that it’s time to highlight them. Jim Heineman’s Trio will play their marvelous jazz offerings there from noon to 4 pm on Saturday at Ontario and Gerrard to liven up the scene and the local stores have prepared specials to draw your attention.

Foxy Boutique
Michelle is still holding her store-wide 50% sale. Foxy has vintage clothing and jewellery and the store is full of interesting inventory. 251 Gerrard.

Leslie’s store has art, glass, dishware, lighting, furniture and knick-knacks from mid-century to modern styles. 249 Gerrard

Cabbagetown Pet Clinic
Grooming is a regular part of the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic. Janet Colquhoun has long provided grooming services in our neighbourhood and she’s now affiliated with the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic. 239 Gerrard.

Kiden Thrifty Shop
Just across the street, Aya Kiden’s Thrifty Shop features clothing, furniture and jewellery. 246B Gerrard.

Jordano Skin Care
Rose Jordano has operated her beautiful spa here for over twenty years. She has a wide range of rejuvenation treatments for both men and women. 252 Gerrard

Old Cabbagetown Physiotherapy.
Dr Minh Hao is a registered physiotherapist and chiropractor and his services also include acupuncture and massage. New this year – he has a special golf fitness session. 255 Gerrard.

Donate to the Children’s Book Bank
The Book Bank provides free books and literacy materials for children in our area. Whenever you drop in, it’s full of young people browsing the shelves, talking to staff and “checking out” their daily selections. You can help – donate a gently used children’s book (but please, no magazines, no adult books and no books that are severely beaten up.) 350 Berkeley (at Gerrard)

Soccer at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre
The CYC’s evening soccer program is now underway. Kids who may not otherwise have a chance to play in an organized league are given this special opportunity. Last year, over 20 teams were formed, each one sponsored by local businesses. The CYC needs $300 for each team to buy jerseys, equipment and awards. If you can help, please call June at (416) 960-1032 or email her at

Green’s Antiques
Green’s is full of intriguing stuff. You’ve probably noticed it regularly passing by along Parliament. They also have a really good web site, telling you about their services and how to coordinate with them for a successful contents sale. Check them out at 529 Parliament

Father’s Day at The Stonegrill
The Stonegrill has a special $25 offer for Father’s Day, Sunday June 21. For every $100 on your meal tab (before gratuities and taxes), they’re giving a $25 reduction. This is a real bargain. You may recall that the BIA held our annual Chairman’s Awards evening in this beautiful room just a few weeks ago. It was a huge success, thanks to the care and quality of The Stonegrill’s service. 51B Winchester.

Aberdeen Avenue picnic
Every year, Aberdeen residents have a picnic – a day when they congratulate themselves and their neighbours for having the good fortune to live on Aberdeen. This year, they had a big crowd and, it seems, a good time.

World Cup update
The Samovar Room (51A Winchester) is now open daily to host World Cup soccer fans. They have a good selection of drafts and other adult refreshments, pub fare appetizers and a great big television screen. In short – all the basic necessities for a good time.

Father’s Day at Kendall & Co
Kendall & Co (438 Parliament) makes it easy to shop for your Father’s Day gifts. In this picture, for example, we have (clockwise from the upper left), a man’s best friend and his cigar, a salad wrench to toss a macho salad, a stylish wine accessory box, a USB-man for go-go-gadgets, elk bookends and door stoppers, and a crystal highland liquor set. Good stuff, all of it.

No fat at Cabbagetown Organics
This weekend’s specials include the 750 g size of Organic Meadow yogurt, plus organic strawberries at $2.99/carton and Kettle Chips (2 bags for $4.50). 499 Parliament.

Fresh Ontario produce
Mark at St Jamestown Steak & Chops (516 Parliament) is now bringing in more and more fresh Ontario vegetables. He has strawberries at $4.99/carton as well as broccoli, zucchini and organic asparagus. The selection gets bigger each week as the summer rolls in.

Feta Toppers at The Epicure Shop
Patty has Feta Toppers dips in three flavours – balsamic and ginger, sundried tomato and piri piri. They are, as she says, really good. Buy one at $5.99 and get a second one free. 473 Parliament.

Lookin’ good
Melanie Redman is back now from her South American adventures and we’re really pleased to welcome her home. Among her other projects, she’s been a strong supporter of Cabbagetown’s Nuit Blanche where her cheery enthusiasm made a lot of tough jobs seem easy. We found her talking at Jet Fuel with Doug Hurlbut (who was working up his strength for an afternoon of FIFA soccer at the Samovar.)