Friday, 25 July 2008

Our T’s Are Here

Our shirts have arrived and we’ve got plenty of them. Only the small and XXL are in short supply.
Brenda dropped around to inspect them. Frankly, she was skeptical – she thought she’s get some for her family but she doubted that they’d suit her. Well she was wearing hers when she left. She’ll be back for more.You can get yours for only $10 at 237 Carlton Street or by calling (416) 921-0857. Don’t be left behind!

The Left DoorRenovations are nearly complete at The Left Door (424 Parliament). Nearly complete? Well, everyone knows that David, Scott and Robert will never stop tinkering and improving!The result is a lovely bright room. As you can see, there are cozy places for couples and small groups and there’s enough room to fit an event for fifty people comfortably. They’ve brought in new furniture, bright colours, new mirrors, lights and pictures. And they’ve kept the good food, drinks and pleasant company.

Epicure announces… Delicious Italian sausage and two new pasta sauces are now available. The sausage come in three flavours – mild, hot and garlic & fennel. Patty says that they’re great for the bbq and won’t shrink as they cook. Low fat and no preservatives. The sauces come in two flavours – tomato and tomato with meatballs. Yummie. (473 Parliament)

The planting is almost finished.
Last Sunday, you may have seen busy crews of volunteers digging around trees and along the sidewalk, planting a variety of perennials. In a dozen spots along Parliament, we’re testing whether ground level, hardy plants can survive and prosper. Three issues, of course, stand out. Will they be trampled? Will they get enough water? Will they survive the winter and sprout again next year? If so, then this will be a pleasant and interesting way to turn an extra bit of our streetscape into a greener patch in the city.

Speaking of sidewalks Please walk carefully along the east side of Parliament for the next few days. As City construction crews repair the sidewalks, they have to do the work in two stages. The sidewalk is cleaned out and replaced with fresh concrete. The decorative strips of bricks are also cleared away but the replacement work has been delayed by the rain. A nasty pit remains. Watch your step there until the full repair work is completed.

Elvis is alive and well and living in Fairway Market Media reports tell us that the annual Elvis festival is happening this weekend in Collingwood. While we wish everyone there well, we must point out that you don't have to drive so far. The real guy is here at Winchester and Parliament. For only $31.99, you can bring him into your home and make him cosy and happy. He comes in solid gilt and in a lovely tear-stained model. (520 Parliament)