Friday, 18 July 2008

Surrendering to Temptation Just Got Easier Daniel et Daniel (248 Carlton) have just introduced a new gift card program. You can now give one to your family and friends (or secretly get one for yourself.) All those beautiful meals, snacks and desserts can be charged up to the card. No need for messy money, complicated credit or long delays while your debit is approved. Just pass over your card and walk out with your goodies.
The card is available in any amount. It can be used for catering and food shop purchases. It can be reloaded and it never expires. It’s a perfect gift for birthdays, seasonal gifts and personal indulgences.

Attention All Gardening Enthusiasts
The BIA’s public spaces committee has issued a “call for local gardeners”. You’re needed on a planting project coming up on Sunday July 20 from 1 to 4 pm. This is a pilot project organized by the BIA to test ways to create more green spaces along Parliament Street. We’ve selected species that are drought and salt tolerant for planting at the base of ten trees along the street. We hope to develop low-maintenance, sustainable landscaping and to create a greener, more welcoming environment for neighbours, businesses and shoppers. These small garden areas will reduce the compacted area around the trees and allow rainwater to collect more easily.
Your help is needed: gather at the BIA office at 237 Carlton Street on Sunday at 1 pm. We have the necessary equipment but if you have handy gardening tools and gloves, bring them along. We’ll also need a supply of old newspapers. Contact Maggie O’Connor for more information or to confirm that you’ll be there: (416) 616-3660 and

More Volunteers Needed Cabbagetown’s outstanding Tour of Homes relies on community volunteers for its success. This year, ambitious plans are afoot to make the Tour even more interesting and they will only be possible if volunteers come forward to help at each site. If you’re able to help, please call (416) 363-9914.
This year’s Tour will be held on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14. Be sure to save these dates.

Aberdeen Avenue Blow-out Reports are beginning to surface of a major celebration on Aberdeen Ave on June 28. Billed as the first annual BBQ & Garden Tour for Aberdeen Avenue Residents, this is apparently the first of many planned for years to come. It began as a street barbeque and grew from there into a meandering afternoon spent among the tulips in four local gardens. This is definitely the kind of event that earns wide approval in the BIA.
This Week at The Epicure Shop Patty recommends that you try one of her homemade pies or Dufflet and Phipps pastries. She’s also pleased with the new gluten-free baking that’s now available. The Epicure Shop (473 Parliament).

JAMCafe BBQ JAMCafe (195 Carlton) will soon be one year old and they’re celebrating with a casual barbeque, free appetizers and a chance to make a food bank donation. A special optional menu will be available and will include lamb sausage, elk quesadilla, jerk chicken and shrimp roti. Mill Street Brewery will be highlighting some of their finest beers.
Saturday, July 26, 3 to 11 pm. Reservations recommended (416) 921-1255.
(Staff at JAM must still be enjoying Gina Mallett’s complimentary review in last weekend’s National Post - congratulations everybody.)

Tees Are On the Way
Deliveries arrive at the BIA on Tuesday. Have you ordered yours yet? We’ve had a nice spurt of advance orders and we’re looking for more. Please remember that “small” and “XXL” are only available in limited numbers and you’ll definitely want to order them early.

As this photo clearly shows, our Tee will transform even the saggiest physique (the guy on the right) into a sophisticated, debonair creature.
Call (416) 921-0857 or visit 237 Carlton (at Parliament) or email Bring your money - $10/each.

Speaking of Great Clothes Sharon's (503 Parliament) has new summer stock and it’s priced to sell. Fun, colourful ladies’ tops at $15, 100% cotton men’s T’s from $9.99 to $19.99, beautiful dresses for special occasions, weddings and parties (some reversible, great for travel) from $29.99 to $49.99. Plus more Neon Buddha, the fashionable and comfortable Canadian line of yoga and everyday-wear skirts, tops and pants, all at the special summer price of $34.99. And Sharon always has her fabulous collection of hats, scarves and jewellery.

Enjoy the Heat
Because this is the alternative! Thanks to Frank Martin at The Village Laundromat (252 Carlton) for his great photo.