Friday, 11 July 2008

Your Tee’s are here
Your 2008 Cabbagetown T’s are arriving soon.
Last year, our T’s sold out in a flash. It happened so fast that we were caught unaware and unable to order more in time.
This year, it’s different. We’ve got them early and we’ve got lots.
Be the first on your block to own one. 100% cotton, black, with green imagery. Sizes: medium, large and XL, with limited quantities of small and XXL available. They’re on the press and getting ready for shipment even as we speak.
Buy yours now. $10 each, at the Old Cabbagetown BIA, 237 Carlton, (416) 921-0857 and

Yeti Law Yeti Agnew has announced that her law firm has a new name, “Yeti Law Professional Corporation” and her new corporate vision is “Law with understanding.” Her specialty is her focus on the business needs of creative people like authors and artists. She also has a special niche as a cultural property lawyer for creators and collectors. Her firm is located in the beautiful heritage building at the southwest corner of Berkeley and Carlton (215 Carlton). She can be reached at (416) 964-0021 and at

New manager at the CIBC A familiar face has returned to the CIBC branch at 245 Carlton (at the corner of Parliament). Jerick Fernandez took up his duties as the new branch manager in early May and he’s now well settled into his routines. For the past year, he’s been serving at the CIBC at Bay and Dundas. Before that, he worked here. Cabbagetown is familiar territory for him. Since his arrival, the branch has instituted its convenient new extended hours: 9:30 to 4 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), 9:30 to 7 pm (Thursday and Friday) and 9:30 to 4 pm (Saturday). You can call Jerick at the branch number, (416) 980-6179, ext 222.

So you like smoked salmon? Visit The Epicure Shop (473 Parliament) on Sunday between 11 am and 2 pm. There’ll be a tasting of Valentino’s smoked salmon at the sidewalk table just outside the door. Come by and help yourself.

Posterity Graphics Many of us already know that Daniel Stroud is retiring and his store, the popular Posterity Graphics, is closing on August 31 after sixteen years at 523 Parliament. He has put all of his stock posters on sale at 25% off. He urges everyone to come by soon since the choices will be more and more limited as the sale progresses. Daniel has asked us to thank everyone who supported his store during his time here and he’s grateful to all of you who dropped by to wish him well. We too want to thank him for bringing an interesting business into our area and for giving each of us such good service. We’ll miss Posterity once Daniel is gone.

Anniversary Park The new fountain and pathways are in place and working at Anniversary Park at Gerrard and Parliament. The result is a fine location where you can go for a relaxed lunch or just a quick visit. Congratulations to the television makeover crews at Green Force for their efforts on this project.

Sidewalk Construction Once again, construction is underway on Parliament Street. This is a follow-up to the work done in May and June by the gas company when they dug a trench along the road and broke into the concrete on the sidewalk. This is the final stage of that work and the City of Toronto crews are now putting in permanent new concrete slabs wherever the gas company initially broke through the walk. The construction started on the east side at Gerrard and will go north on Parliament to Winchester and then south on the west side back to Gerrard. It’s scheduled for completion within about two weeks.

Construction Questions
At Fashion Wearhouse (411 1/2 Parliament), this phase of the sidewalk construction marks the fifth time in two years that work has happened at their location. First, they got a new connection and a little outdoor grey pipe statute, courtesy of the gas company. A little while later, a neighbour got a statute. After another delay, his other neighbour was given this gift. Then there was work on a water main. Finally, the sidewalk itself is being refinished. Perhaps it’s just idle curiosity – but they’d like to know why all of this couldn’t be done at the same time. Whatever happened to planning and coordination? And why does a perfectly good roadway and sidewalk have to be destroyed at all when this work could have happened when the streetcar track reconstruction took place several years ago?
Every business person on Parliament would like answers to the same questions.

Children’s Book Bank Many of us have been following the slow and meticulous restoration of the building at 350 Berkeley. Once home to Pimblett’s and then Underdown, it’s been beautifully finished and the work is almost done.
Now it’s home to the Children’s Book Bank. Inside and out it’s worth a visit.
The Children’s Book Bank is a charitable corporation dedicated to providing books and literacy support to children aged 2 to 12. It operates like a bookstore – except the books are free. One book is given to a child or parent per day. So far, the average is between 180 and 250 donations each day.
Your gifts are welcomed. Please remember that they need only children’s books (suitable for ages 2 to 12) and please limit your gifts to gently used books only.
Kim Beatty is the Executive Director. You can find out more at
Life in the fast lane
These four guys happily agreed to show us how pleasantly time passes in Anniversary Park.