Friday, 27 March 2009

Are you an artist?
(Aren’t we all…) If you’re a painter, a crafts person or a photographer, we want you in the Cabbagetown Festival. This year, we’re setting up a priority area where Cabbagetown artists will be able to exhibit their works. It’s free. It’s going to be a highlight of the event. We’re notifying you now so you have time to prepare your work. Contact We’ll book a space for you.

The Cobourg Sings

On Saturday, March 28 from 8 pm, The Cobourg is hosting its second (annual) Sing. Everyone who comes to listen or to sing pays $5 at the door and these gifts go to Pathways to Education, a Cabbagetown non-profit agency helping students from Regent Park. Last year, the singing was incredible and this year, the same ragtag band has been recruited to recreate the magic. (533 Parliament.)

Fundraiser for Toronto People with Aids Foundation

Brass Taps (221 Carlton) is hosting this fundraiser on Saturday, March 28. Doors open at 7:30 pm. The entertainment includes event MC’s Dolly Jones and Alexis Van-Carter, singers Alicia Porter, Marni Levitt and Tammy Moone, Hip Hop artist Epidemic and Mohammed Diaby, Guinea Drum & Dance performer.

Eric Morse at Gordon Daniels Gallery

Kathryn Langley Hope and Arlene Perley Rae joined Eric at the grand opening of his show at the Gordon Daniels Gallery (460 Parliament). His photographs of Toronto streetcars entitled “Transports of Delight” will be shown there through the next week until April 5. Congratulations to the gallery for their continuing successes – they’re new to Parliament Street and already having a great presence here.

Saturday is Earth Hour
All over the world, people will turn off their lights and cut down their footprint on the Earth for an hour at 8:30 pm on Saturday. You can join Cabbagetown South residents for a guided walking tour on that evening. You’ll be part of a worldwide event and at the same time, you’ll see our beautiful neighbourhood in a magical candlelit way. Join the tour at Seaton and Gerrard at 8:15 pm.

Greening your Cabbagetown home Mark your calendars for Tuesday April 7, 7 to 9 pm for a special talk about “Greening your Cabbagetown Home” by Chris Chopik. Topics include energy efficiency, conservation, using renewable resources and grants available for refits. The meeting takes place at St Martin’s School, 55 Salisbury Avenue. This is the first in a series of special evenings sponsored by the Don Vale Cabbagetown Resident’s Association.

Sharon’s Spring announcements Sharon (503 Parliament) has a store full of new Spring offerings including linen, silk and cotton pants, skirts and summer dresses. Be sure, as well, to check out her reversible coats, multicoloured evening gloves, Pure sweaters and shawls and Neon Buddha yoga and casual wear. In case you’re feeling the recession times pinch, Sharon still has her old-fashioned but brand new layaway plan.

Acceleration 2009 On April 1 to 4, the School of Toronto Dance Theatre presents its annual evening highlighting members of its graduating class. This year, there are dance pieces by James Kudelka, Christopher House, Allison Cummings, Peggy Baker and Risa Steinberg. Find out more at 80 Winchester St, (416) 967-6887, April 1 to 4, 8 pm, $15 and $12 (students and seniors)

Follow-up The visit to the Cabbagetown Youth Centre last week by Premier Dalton McGuinty has had lots of media follow-up. The Premier’s own web site has a great video showing the choir that welcomed him at the start of his visit. Click here to see more: