Friday, 20 March 2009

Welcome Premier McGuinty

The kids charmed the Premier at the CYC.

On Friday afternoon, Ontario’s premier Dalton McGuinty and Deb Matthews (Minister of Children & Youth Services) came to the Cabbagetown Youth Centre to confirm Ontario’s new support for low income families through an increased Ontario Child Benefit and additional investments in social housing. They took part in a public discussion and then a press conference.
Of course, the CYC made sure they were warmly welcomed. Monique Caine’s choir ushered him in with a CYC song.

John Kalbhenn from the Boxing Club gave him a tee shirt and traded reminiscences with him about boxing and wrestling. Spiros Papathanakis, the CYC’s executive director, was on hand to make sure that all went smoothly during the event.

Thanks Paul
In 2006, Paul Nadeau (right) kept George Smitherman, Carl Orbach, Mark Michelin and the other dignitaries upright and steady while they cut the cabbage during the Festival.
Next week, a good friend for many people in Cabbagetown, Constable Paul Nadeau, will retire. He’ll be missed. As the community liaison officer at 51 Division, he’s helped us constantly. He worked with us on programs for the Cabbagetown Festival. He organized clothing drives at local shelters. He listened and acted when we had issues with street people – often telling us to use our common sense and good manners as much as any other cure. He took us seriously when we suffered from criminal actions and he followed up to make sure that these problems were solved. Best wishes, Paul, from all of us here for a great time in your future adventures.

Links for your convenience
On the top right corner of this page, we’re adding links to other web sites of special interest in Cabbagetown. This week, we’ve added the Cabbagetown Online Flyers link giving you connections to the weekly flyers and catalogues from 241 Pizza, Luciano’s No Frills, Royal Home Hardware and Shopper’s Drug Mart. This list is going to expand whenever we get new links.

The Epicure Shop
Patty Junior has lots of fresh hot cross buns. From now to Easter, they’ll be delivered daily. Her coffee contest ends this weeknd so get in there for your chance at a free pound. (473 Parliament)

Jordano Skin Care
Rose Jordano has a great new web site telling us all about her services. Rose attends our BIA functions regularly and she always brings a warm, gracious air to our events. She’s worked in her business for over 25 years and her building on Gerrard is a model of pleasant elegance. (252 Gerrard St E)

International News
Christopher Dew has done it. Up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest peak) and back safely. We showed you his “before” picture and we’re proud now to bring you his mountain-top accomplishments.
Christopher used his adventure to publicize the upcoming fundraiser for the Cabbagetown-Regent Park Museum. For more details, click here:

Flags That lovely flag that Christopher flew over Mt Kilimanjaro is available for you here at the BIA office (well – a copy of it, not the real thing!) For $30, you too can proudly own and fly our pennant. If you need a pole, we’ll give you one of those for just $20. If you already own a flag, check it out; it’s probably a bit faded and needs replacement. For more details, call Doug at (416) 921-0857 or drop in at 237 Carlton.

Filming event
Cabbagetown is home to several scenes in the new film “Scott Pilgrim versus The World” being produced by Universal Studios. The corner of Carlton and Parliament is being used on Monday, March 23 to depict a winter scene and a bus passing through the intersection. Parking will be restricted in some areas and the crews will be “dressing” the street with fake snow from 7 am to 11 pm.

Earth Hour
On Thursday March 26, lights will dim city-wide for an hour from 8:30 to 9:30 pm for our annual Earth Day observances. The Cabbagetown South Association is organizing a unique candlelight walk through this beautiful Victorian neighbourhood during the darker hour. Join the group at Seaton and Gerrard at 8:15 pm.

Crime alert
We’ve just been told by sources hidden deep inside the City of Toronto that a crackdown squad has been formed to force local merchants to stop using sidewalk signs to advertise their wares. Gone are the days when restaurants could tell a breathless public about their daily soups, or internet cafes could let you know that they’re just downstairs, or tax experts could ask you to call before filing. Nope, that stuff is being swept away.
Your property tax bill is expected to go up by 4% in 2009. We’re pleased to give you this one small example of the ways that these extra funds are being spent.
Sorry Anita but this stuff has gotta go.

Toronto Dominion Bank at Carlton & Parliament
Plans for the site at Carlton and Parliament have passed the City’s Committee of Adjustment. The owner has announced that the first floor will be a Toronto Dominion Bank and office space will appear above it. By next week, a copy of these plans will be available on the Newsletter. The BIA has also started planning the exterior landscaping to complement the TD Bank entrance at the corner.