Friday, 26 June 2009

Pride Weekend
You’ll notice the Xtra logo that's permanently displayed in the right hand column of our newsletter. For two years running, Cabbagetown has been selected by readers of Xtra as “The Best Neighbourhood for a Home” – and we certainly agree. And as Heather Mackenzie at Big Mamma’s Boy (554 Parliament) likes to point out, we’re “an oasis away from the madness of Church Street”, especially this weekend. Whether you’re a resident or an occasional visitor, welcome and Happy Pride Weekend.

Enjoy yourself…

On Pride weekend, it’s time for brunch and dinner. So here’s a quick rundown.
Chew Chew (186 Carlton Street) has everything from traditional bacon ‘n eggs to eggs benny and even steak and eggs. Johnny G (478 Parliament) is our flagship brunch locale. Brass Taps (221 Carlton) will be hopping on Pride Sunday and their back patio will be jammed. Peartree (507 Parliament) offers a full brunch menu and has its secluded, charming patio at the back. Cranberries (601 Parliament), as usual, never disappoints. At Big Mamma’s Boy (554 Parliament), you can peer deep into your soul and far into your future at their monthly Psychic Brunch while you wolf down their organic brunch. Best Breakfast (432 Parliament) serves up regular bacon and eggs in a traditional diner setting. Provence Delices (12 Amelia) has one of our prettiest patios and a wide range of pastries, quiche, sandwiches, build-your-own omelettes and egg dishes. House on Parliament (456 Parliament) opens from 11:30 am and their brunch is another popular stop for knowledgeable locals.
At Big Mamma’s Boy (554 Parliament) and at Brass Taps (221 Carlton), the party goes on all weekend and dinner from their regular menu is part of the fun. JAMCafe has a three-course prix fixe at $19.95 and free corkage for the bottle that you bring from home. People line up at House on Parliament (456 Parliament) for their roast beef dinners. As usual, the Ben Wicks (424 Parliament) has anything your heart desires – it’s one of Cabbagetown’s favourite destinations. Provence Delices (12 Amelia) has a three-course prix fixe at $29.

The Stonegrill on Winchester is back
Good news for everyone who loves fine food in a beautiful setting. Your hosts are Dobby and McKool. They’ll be emphasizing a smaller menu with the regular features from the stone along with daily selections from the kitchen. The new management wants to create a neighbourhood friendly restaurant that features food and wine at affordable prices and lots of live music. Dinners start at 5 pm and weekend brunch at 10:30 am.
The music program kicks off this week with The Kiwis, a jazz group that will play on Saturday at 7:30 pm and at brunch on Sunday at 10:30 am. 51B Winchester. (416) 967-6565.

Pride Weekend at The Epicure Shop

Patty Junior is welcoming Pride revelers with Summerfresh Dip (buy one, get one free), with her potato coleslaw (buy one and get the next at half-price) and with her brownies (buy one, get another at half price.)
She also has big news for her online fans: her website is up and running. You can learn about her specials and order there as well. (Gee Patty, and I remember when you didn’t even have e-mail - it seems like yesterday!- and now I can get your salamis on the world wide web.) It’s a really nice site: 473 Parliament.

Façade improvements at The Winchester
You may already have noticed that The Winchester has just added awnings to its lower front windows and adjusted the paint colours around the windows and doors. These changes bring the building even closer to its original features. In the BIA office, we have an 1891 image of the hotel (known then as the Lakeview) that shows it with awnings across the lower front and even along the second storey windows. Along with the decorative plants on the north boulevard, the building now has a softer and gracious appearance on the street. Congratulations to the building’s owner, John Bernardo, for his ongoing care for this Cabbagetown milestone.

A new guy at the LCBO
Anne and Steve are waiting to check my ID.
A warm welcome to Steve Petsinis, the new manager at our local LCBO branch (512 Parliament). He certainly chose a hectic week to start his new job. The big rush last Tuesday that was felt across LCBO outlets everywhere also happened at our Parliament Street store where they enjoyed record-breaking sales levels. It happened, of course, because we were all petrified about a double whammy strike – too much garbage and no booze. The thought was too much to bear. Both management and the union deserve the credit for settling rather than forcing all of us to go dry. Back to Steve – our best wishes to you for a great stay in your post. You’ll find the Cabbagetown store to be colourful and interesting.

Spring rituals on Aberdeen

They do it every year at this time – Aberdeen Ave residents gather together, stroll happily through each other’s backyards, and then cap off the day with a few snacks, a drink, some more snacks, some more drinks and on it goes. A great place to live.

Garden candles from Barracuda
Gerry loves these torches.
Gerry has just received the season’s first shipment of decorative garden torches. As you can tell by the picture, he really likes them. By the way, there are candles and then there are torches. These are torches: tall and elegantly designed, they have a 14” flame and can burn for seven to fourteen hours. You can pick up the candle, the stand and the base separately or as a complete set. (527 Parliament)

Trek makes travel easier

We’ve been asked by the folks at Trek Escapes (Carlton) to remind you of their special offer which is coming to an end on June 30. They’ll save you $100 on the summer escapes that you book through their office . When you see the incredible adventures that they arrange, you’ll want to go.

International News You can take the kids out of Cabbagetown but you can’t take the Cabbages out of the kids.
We told you last week about the Cabbagetowners who’ve flocked to the south of France to see how the other half lives. Here they are - well, some of them, the interesting ones.