Friday, 8 January 2010

It’s a New Year
We’ve had some solemn moments over the past year and now it’s time to pull them all together here.
Of course, we’re talking about T shirts and flags. These may be common sights here at home but to thrilled onlookers around the world, they’re prized souvenirs. And this Newsletter is the place where you’ll find every juicy detail about this hot trend.

For high spots, who can beat Christopher Dew on top of Africa’s Mt Kilamanjaro?

And then there’s Pompeii in Italy,

the south of France,
the Rockie Mountains
and the Gatineau.

In Melbourne Australia, a man and his dog are slaves to coordinated outfits.
Of course, for straightforward glamour and fashion glitz, there’s the Cabbagetown parade.
But, to be brutally honest about it, if the guy in the middle ever expects to be mayor, he’d better upgrade to a proper Tee shirt.

Our tribute to the year’s fashion triumphs must include our “thanks” to the women who started it all –

Yes, the Tee shirts are the design creation of Chris Kiraly (middle) from Blink Blink who wore hers to a winetasting in the Okanagan.

and Lindsey Reidt who slaved away in the BIA office for the summer of 2007.

And no review would be complete without heartfelt thanks to Brenda who cheerfully models our latest designs.
But this ain’t the end of it. At the moment, schemes are afoot to flaunt our flag and strut our stuff in Peru and Argentina. We have a flag that we hope to see flying soon in Norway and we know of another dedicated traveller and fashion hound in Australia. Stay tuned in 2010 for these late-breaking news stories.

On a much more serious note
We continue to mourn the loss of three great friends of Cabbagetown, three people who each made a huge contribution to our lives.
Peggy Kurtin was a driving force toward the preservation of Cabbagetown’s heritage character. If we are, as we claim, one of the largest enclaves of Victorian architecture in North America, then a great deal of the credit for saving and maintaining this character belongs to her.
Barrie Cheval worked for the City of Toronto. She was widely recognized for her personal strength and her commitment to a better City. And she was an outstanding neighbour, a resident of Cabbagetown’s Alpha Avenue.
Carl Orbach was a pioneer in the business community on Parliament Street. His enthusiasm and energy turned every chore into a fun-filled adventure. The first Board meeting for our BIA was held at his house and he stayed active until his death, thirty five years later.
We’ll miss them all and we’ll enjoy their gifts every day as we go about our lives here in Cabbagetown.

The Epicure Shop

It’s January and we’re staying home. So Patty wants to lure us out of our cosy living rooms and into Epicure (473 Parliament). She’s having a sale. Not bad. Specifically, she featuring German cookies and small stollen – buy one, get one free. And her Baba Ghanou and Humus are on sale – buy one and get another, the same size, free.

More Wine at JAMCafe
Wines from Les Clos Jordannes are being featured at JAM’s next tasting evening. Seven wines from two vintages are being paired with Av Atikian’s hors d’oeuvres. Meet the wine maker. Friday, January 22, 6 to 8 pm, $45 per person. Reservations are recommended – these tastings sell out! (416) 921-1255. 195 Carlton Street.

Bargains at Number 9
Number 9 Studios (222 Gerrard St E) have several January specials on offer. Book your time in their professional recording facilities and save 10% off the regular price. All CD and DVD duplication runs are now 15% off the book rate. If you need assistance with graphics or web design, video editing or DVD authoring, prices on all creative services are reduced by 10%. Check them out at

Crime Report
Not really. It's a safety report – just a quick vignette.
On Tuesday, I was walking home with my latest purchase from the LCBO tucked under my arm. Suddenly, a man (who frankly looked a bit down on his luck) tapped my shoulder, excused himself for startling me and handed me a can of beer. It had fallen out of my bag.
He just walked off without a word. I was too surprised to react. I should have told him, of course, “finders keepers” and thanked him for his honesty.

Robbie Burns at The Ben Wicks
Robbie Burns Day at the Ben Wicks (424 Parliament) features an iPod selection of unforgettable Scottish tunes. No haggis. Apparently, their 2010 supply has been stranded in Scotland by the snowstorms currently ravaging the continent.
During the Cabbagetown Festival, bagpipers stop at the Wicks for a concert and a quick drink. This is an irresistible photo – apart from its Scottish references, it has nothing else to do with this topic.