Friday, 22 March 2013

Tax Season in Cabbagetown

Tax Season is upon us again.

To help you file your taxes in the upcoming weeks we've compiled a list of financial service providers in Cabbagetown:

AAA Accounting & Tax Consultants, 438 Parliament St. Suite 100
CANN Accounting Services, 607B Parliament St.
H&R Block, 428 Parliament St.
Happy Tax Services, 252 Carlton St. Suite 201
Liberty Tax Service, 245 Gerrard St. East
Homestar Business Centre, 476 Parliament St. Suite 301
McDiarmid and Associates, 238 Gerrard St. East Suite 301
Softron Tax, 475 Parliament St.
Speedy & Associates, 476 Parliament St.

Click on their names to be taken to our directory listing page for more information.

For deadlines visit this informative website:

Canada Revenue Agency gives you some quick tips for an easy visit to your accountant:

Being prepared will make filing a smooth and easy process. Review these steps for ways to make sure you're ready.
1.          Gather all your income tax information: T4 and T5 slips, receipts, a copy of last year's return for reference, etc.
2.          You don't need My Account to file online. However, registering for this service has many benefits. Don't delay – register for My Account now to make sure you can access it when you need it.
3.          If you need to change your address or direct deposit information, do so before you file.
4.          Discover all the ways to reduce your taxes this year. Check out the various tax credits you may be entitled to.
5.          See more tax information for people just like you:
·   Seniors
·   Homeowners
·   Students