Friday, 5 April 2013

Spring Cleaning Preparations

Hello Cabbagetowners and welcome to another wonderful weekend of great updates from your Cabbagetown Favourites.

This week we bring you music, art shows, spring cleaning, and some important messages from our local resident groups.

With the warmer weather and the longer day light, Cabbagetowners are tempted to spend more time outside. Although the temperatures are rarely in the double-digits these days, we are just thankful that it stopped snowing.

We'd like to start this post with an important message from our resident groups as we have witnessed two things happening with more frequency in the neighbourhood.

Firstly, litter is being blown all through the streets and it is all our responsibility to pick up. The general rule is do not litter and use marked bins to dispose of trash, paper, and recyclables in their appropriate containers.
If you see someone littering, speak up. Let them know where the closest trash bin is and share some of these tips with them:

1.               Once you butt out, butt in. Smokers, put your butts in the ashtray and cigarette packs in the bin.
2.               You can pop it in the bin. Recycle your pop cans.
3.               Roll up to the bin and toss it in. Everyone's drinking coffee on the go - make sure your cup ends up in the bin.
4.               Don't make yesterday's news tomorrow's trash. The real news would be if we all recycled our newspapers.
5.               Gum shoe blues. Aim for the bin, not the sidewalk.
6.               Fast food = fast litter. Put the brakes on fast food litter.
7.               Dial "L" for litter. Program your cell's speed dial to 311 to report litter hot spots.
8.               Everybody needs a pick-me-up. Pledge to pick up one piece of litter daily.
9.               Bin there, do that. With thousands of bins out there, just walk those few extra steps.
10.           Talking trash is okay. Remind family, friends, kids and colleagues not to litter.

Don't Trash Toronto

If you'd like to volunteer for our Community Clean-up Day on Saturday, April 20 from noon-2pm, email: to make a big difference for our community.

Garbage bags will be available for any business wanting to Spring Clean their Basement or Attic and FREE Disposal will be available at a pre-determined location that the City of Toronto will collect.

Also, Cabbagetown South Residents Association is hosting a Community Clean-Up Day the same day, so there are lots of ways for you to get involved. Visit their website for more information: Cabbagetown South Community Clean-up Day

Looking for more ways to get involved in keeping our City clean, green and healthy year-round? Check out

Secondly, graffiti and petty crime has increased dramatically within the last three weeks in the Cabbagetown core. The BIA has documented graffiti and crime reports that individuals have shared with us recently.
We are also in communication with Staff Sergeant Stanton from 51 Division to have an update for you all very soon.
In the meantime, call 416 808 5100 to report suspicious activity or to speak to an agent from 51 Division.

In happier news, the Winchester Kitchen & Bar is hosting FUNK FEST from April 11th to April 14th.
Buy an All-Access Passport to see all the shows and get discounts on Food & Drinks at the shows!

MJG Gallery, 555 Parliament St.

Enjoy "Take a Hike" with Mark Gleberzon at MJG Gallery. This show features encaustic work by Laura Culic and acrylic paintings of Ontario landscape-vistas by Carol Westcott.

The show is month-long but the opening night reception is Friday, April 5th, 6-9pm.
Open: Tuesdays-Sundays 11-6. 416.923.4031 or email Mark at
Laura Caulic, The Moon and Tide
Carol Westcott, Marecages II

New Art at Cafune, 194A Carlton St.

Fundraiser for The Playwright Project 
For more information contact Alex "Addy" Johnson, Project Director, The Playwright Project
e: t: 416-997-7018 

Twitter @PlayTOProd,
Instagram @playwrightproject

Spring Sales at Kendall & Co., 227 Carlton St.

Add Spring to Your Step

KENDALL & Co has expanded their selection of Indoor/Outdoor Rug series. 13 colourful patterns, 5 sizes (from 2ft x 3ft to 8ft x 10ft, round and runner), starting from $75.

Made of mold and mildew resistant durable synthetics. Weather safe for decks, patios at the cottage or in the city. Perfect also for high traffic areas, such as kitchens, entry ways, foyers, mudrooms, bathrooms, powder rooms, laundry rooms.

While you are there, shop their Clearance Sale with 40% OFF Home Accessories.

227 Carlton Street. 416-363-9914

The Centre for Education & Training is hosting a Youth Employment Fair

The Centre for Education & Training has partnered with local agencies and organizations to host the 2nd Annual Youth Employment Fair for youth aged between 15  to 30 years of age. There will be a focus on both summer jobs as well as part/full time jobs for youth.

You are invited to participate April 18th between 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Monsignor Fraser College, Toronto.

If you are looking to hire youth for any upcoming positions and would like to actively recruit, then please call me at Simran at 416-964-9797 X 5423 or email for further details.

Eric Morse presents: Transports of Delight

Transports of Delight: Streetcars and other wonders in the older city, including many new works
At Gallery 402 - 402 King St. E. in Corktown
Opening Reception April 24, 5:30—8 pm 

Urbanscape Photography by Eric Morse
Artist Sitting Saturday April 27, 12:00—5:00 pm
Gallery open Monday-Friday 12–4 pm or by appointment
RSVP and information, call Joanne 416.366.8714 or Eric 416.921.2840

Exhibit Patron and Reception Sponsor: Kathryn E Langley Hope, Bio Med Nova Inc     
Sponsor: Little Green Cottage, Inc

Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs: Believe in Kids Concert

Cabbagetown South Residents Association Cleans UP!

Charity Bottle Drop Off Day

Let’s Encourage PROPER Recycling of Beer & Liquor Bottles

Bring your empties to the Gerrard/Seaton Beer Store

The Beer Store has installed a permanent, hassle free, express donation window, so no waiting in line.

Join your friends and neighbours, and bring your empties to the Beer Store on 

APRIL 14, noon to 5 p.m.

All proceeds go to a local charity or community improvement project!

We'll post how much we've collected on our web site.

~ Change from Bins to Bags ~
Remember, the City has given our neighbourhood special dispensation to get rid of Bins and switch to Bags instead for garbage and recycling. Keep your front garden clutter free, clean and attractive. And discourage bottle scavengers. To get all the information on converting to garbage and recycling bags: Email or Phone 311