Monday, 30 June 2014

Happy Canada Day from Cabbagetown BIA

Cabbagetown wishes all a Happy Canada Day Eh!
For a neighbourhood that so strongly identifies with itself and even has its own flag you would think that we were planning to separate. But the opposite is true as Cabbagetown is a microcosm of what being a Canadian is all about. We are diverse accepting and manage to get along and make everything work.
The BIA continues to make improvements to the local infrastructure to ensure safety, restore beauty and provide a vision for one of Canada’s oldest main streets and shopping districts.
If you were to visit all 200 or so of our businesses you would find in every shop warm and friendly owners, and staff representaive of all the diversity that is Canada, no wonder we are the envy of the world for peace, tolerance, acceptance and a beacon to the world as the place to be.
So from all of us at the Cabbagetown BIA, Happy Canada Day.