Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lido Lands Global TV as Festival Media Sponsor

Low flying beavers, pillow fights in Kendall’s window (oh behave), partridges at the Pear Tree, a society for osteopathic wellness demo on a skeleton or a vacation for your hair at the Hair Spa are some of the zany ideas for this year’s festival as business owners get in on the advanced publicity. There was even talk of cutting the cheese instead of the sacred cabbage but the committee decided the idea stunk.

Festival coordinator Lido Chilelli having just announced that Global TV would be our official media sponsor, this presents visual opportunities in the lead up to promote this year’s festival and our members are encouraged to participate in the fun. Patio extensions for all restaurants have been approved and Lido will deliver a no-brainer kit for restaurants to fill out and return to the BIA.

Publicist Joanne Smale will be running an extensive PR campaign to tell the stories of our member businesses and will publicize it through a broad range of media outlets. The BIA office will be transformed into Media Central during the festival. Video clips, stories and photos will also be posted daily on our social media campaign with the Social Cabbage.

Social Media Coordinator Geoffrey Chen is available to video and photograph your project and our team will help if you need help with your ideas.

Members can join in the fun by contacting the BIA office today.
(416) 921-0857